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Such a cute game! You harmonize a nicely written plot, good character development and psychological matters such as Alexithymia (which interests me much as a medicine student). It is rare finding games with a degree of complexity like this one, if you are thinking about doing a final version and publishing it, go for it, you have a solid base.

Hey, pretty neat game. May i ask you where do you got the character spritesheets from? I think that the characters' graphics are a real outstanding aspect of your game.

Not fair doing a game based on my favorite table game! Boo-hoo

But seriously, dude, you made a fantastic job there, you left me speechless, very fun game. The mechanics are very nice, the characters development and plot are also appropriate, the only con i could probably point out is the very large file size (609MB?), which would discourage some people from downloading your game, apart from that, great work, man!

Very interesting and fun game! It uses the Rpg Maker battle mechanics in a clever way, it kind of reminded the old nintendo Ds's Digimons' games. Also, i did not notice any bugs on my playtest. The concept of the game is truly outstanding, you did a nice job, hadecynn!

I feel you bro, my main language is portuguese and misspells are also an issue with my game, i am even considering hiring someone to correct it, lol.

Very fun game indeed, it is obvious that the author got inspired from Phoenix Wright series doing this game (it even has the Cross-Examination mechanics!), which is one of my favorite games from my childhood, that fact made me like this game fast; the suspense and history also builds up in a very nice pace. I think that the major issue with the game are the misspells and syntax errors, which kind of disconnected me from the game, because the history is the main aspect of it. However, if you are a fan of investigation games like Phoenix Wright and Heavy Rain, this will be a fun experience! 

I believe it is not a hardware issue because i am also using I7 and a GTX 980, i had no issued with other submissions so far. Maybe it is a missused plugin ?

Man, what a fantastic premise, very creative, i freaking loved it. But for some reason the game keeps crashing, i can't play for more than 10 minutes without a crash, that's a shame because it looks like a nice game. You sure this version is for windows?

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I will play and review it, i like this type of games. Feel free to do the same with mine, too, if you wish!

Woah, your game was one of the few that dragged my attention, and it was worth the play, I love horror survivor games, and i actually think that the puzzles of your game are similar to the ones in mine. Marvelous work, man, Good Job!

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What a beautiful game, it reminds me a lot of Ragnarok Online, my favorite RPG. The models are truly outstanding, you did a spetacular job!

Veryy nice! Your game overlaps the average rpg because of the nice ambientation, such as fog effects or light effects, even if it makes the game a little heavier. Too bad that i didnt have time to use that kind of plugin on mine for the lack of time :/ It really made the difference on yours! The azure isle has great potential, good job!

Very fun RPG, the music appeased me very much. 

Also, very nice history and game mechanics! Reminded me a lot of bomberman, don't know why! haha

Good work, bro!

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Very nice game, it has a nice gameplay at the same time that it is about an important matter such as anxiety, I would not expect a theme like this from RPG maker game, it surprised me very much with the atmosphere and the characters interaction!