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Monster hunting in the year 20xx
Submitted by nirwanda — 1 day, 19 hours before the deadline
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Ranked 29th with 7 votes

People's Choice Vote#297

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  • 39/80

    Not exactly a polished gameplay, there are a lot of multibattles with little explanation as to why they exist and as you progress, a few playstyles become dominant. Your main character having access to everything is neat, but it makes her base class less desirable when you can pick up another class's skills for more damage and just use her base class for constant mana recovery. In addition, it is unclear what happens if you grab both the target rate increase AND the target rate decrease passives (likely both apply).

    You are exploring in a monster infested area. Fairly typical of a story that doesn't really stand out. The ending is a bit confusing as there is a leap of logic there considering who and what is involved.

    The graphics are used in a way that suits the game, the audio on the other hand doesn't particularly stand out as adding or removing from the game. It should be noted that the sell screen does not properly clean previous menu, making it harder to read.

    While passable as a game, it is definitely nowhere near what you'd expect of a game.

Rpg Maker MV

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I love how the game evolved since the beta version I played!
The online shop is a very player-friendly addition. I very much enjoyed the chemistry between the characters!

Well done, have my vote!


Thanks a ton! i should really  play your game. I owe you that much at least. I'm very glad you liked it :)


Quidgetis looking forward to playing with you :)
Thanks and looking forward to hearing what you think!


really liked this! It's only the second submitted game I've played the whole way through! I have no major feedback - although I do feel like you have a lot going on in your menus/battle system that you'll need to fine tune for the final release. 


Thanks a ton! I'm really glad you liked it. And yeah it's a little overwhelming at first. Anything in particular you think needs fine tuning?


I think you should have branched skill learning (so skills unlock or upgrade instead of being able to learn a ton) - I also think that the main character should have a set class, or a class chosen at the beginning of the game to keep her playstyle a bit cleaner. I also wasn't crazy about the item shop being the first option in the menu - as most games default to it being the first (as it's the most used) - If you're using conditional branches for the online store try to input labels so that when people leave one - they're not thrown out of the menu, and instead brought back to the main screen of the online store (feel free to message me if this doesn't make sense, it's super easy)! 

The skills coincide with the battle system feedback - I feel like there were a lot of skills to use - but most were either the same or not incredibly useful - instead of having 8 skills that do triple damage to different types of enemies, I always think it's better to scope it down for simplicity in design. 


Actually you do get more skills as you level up. The thing with the heroine is that I wanted to keep those skills trees of the other party members usable even after they leave. Making her customizable and versatile in the procress. I know it got a little messy, though (the ace version of yanfly skill learning was a lot cooler for this since it allowed you to select from what skillset you wanted to buy skills from). I should probably look into other skill learning scripts or find a different way to make her customizable.

Sorry about the item shop being in the first slot, that was something I forgot to investigate how to fix, I know it's annoying. I think I do know how to use labels, though I have only used them once, thanks for the offer.

I tried to make each skill bring something unique to the table (for example you have two thunder spells, a slow powerful one and a quick weaker one to suit to your playstyle), I do agree  that most skills were only useful very ocassionally since regular battles didn't require much strategy. (thoguh they could potentially be more useful in dungeon 2 where enemies are tougher). The triple damage skills, I  stand behind, though, I think they give kazuko a specialized DPS flavor of her own, where you have to weight which enemies give you more trouble so you can chose the best skill to learn (if you've learned them you'll know they're DEADLY). While adette, specializes in crowd control and tanking and the heroine can be whatever you want. 

I immensely appreciate your detailed and through feedback. Thanks a lot for taking time to write this and I'll definitely think about how to improve the game based on it. I'll even think about the racial skills... Maybe they could be a passive?

You rock man!


If you're using Yanfly's Main Meny Manager you can insert the common event below items in the plugin commands. :)


Yeah figured out how to fix it, thanks! :)