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Heyho, FatWiz!
You're SEXactly right! :)
And, as of now, it's a montly thing.

Stay funky,

XD That's the best way to play ;) Multitasking ftw :D

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Heyho, diamind and alexminer!
Sorry to hear you have problems with the game and thanks for the bug report! :)

The easiest hotfix for this error while we work on a solution is to play the game in the browser. When you open this site:
There should be a big 'Run Game' button in the middle. Click it and you should be able to run the game directly in your browser.
For some users, it helped to turn off the ad blocker as well (don't worry, we don't have any ads).

Stay funky and let me know if this worked :)

Wohoooo! Thanks for the review ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

My pleasure :)
If you want to see how Quidget fares in the enhanced version of the game, visit us at 
Stay funky,

So, basically you click the big download button, that will take you to a page where you can pay what you want or continue to the downloads.
There, you download the version that fits your computer operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux).
It will be a packed file you have to unpack somewhere on your computer (usually via just double-clicking it and selecting a folder it can upack to).
Inside the folder with the unpacked contents, you'll find a file with a Quidget icon (the orange dog) that's called 'Quidget the Wonderwiener'.
Double click on that and the game starts!

If that's too complicated and you don't mind a few naughty extra scenes, you can play it here:
without any hassle in your web browser ;)

Stay funky and let me know if everything went well,

Heyho, man! Such a good thing to have Quidget being your first game on here :)
Do you need help with downloading/starting the game or do you need directions how to play the game, solve the puzzles etc.?
Stay funky,

Heyho, man! Sure, check our Patreon, it's just at the top! Have fun playing!

Thanks, mate! Glad you enjoyed it ;)

Flambeau? More like Flambooty ;)
Hot game, well worth the price!


Hey guys!
I played right after you uploaded the new version. The endscreen doesn't let me replay again with a click anymore (Firefox).
Stay funky,

Awesome game, can't stop playing it :D
Nicely done, can't believe you did this in just a few days! 

Hey Lambrik! Thanks a ton <3
Sweet and naughty is the perfect combination

Hey Count Moxi!
Thanks a ton! Glad you enjoyed your adventures in Mrs. BBW  :)
Stay funky,

Thanks for your passion! 
Sometimes, a silly, pretty, sexy game is the thing the world needs :D

Haha glad it worked!
Thank you for playing!

Nice! ;)
The IGMC was a nice start for something bigger, I have to say. Quidget 2.0 is already in the making as well.
Good luck with the game!

I did :)

Haha almost forgot to vote and comment :O
Awesome pixels and cool game! 

Thank you!  Yeah, it's not for everybody 
Will you continue working  on CC after the contest?

Ooops I almost forgot to vote and comment, so here goes both 

:D :D :D 
Have my totally insane vote! 

Heyho, you guys!
Love your designs, so charming :) I enjoyed your game! Have my vote 

Oh no, that shouldn't have happened! Sorry!
Where in the game were you when this happened?

:D Gotta love those drunk orcs!
Nice game and awesome graphics!

Heyho Gabrelik!
Thank you for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Quidget's little laboratory!
I see exactly what you did there with the package!  Beatrize would definitely approve ... for scienctific purposes, obviously!  

On another note: I'm very glad you took part in the jam. Edwin was a project I took interest in from the beginning (in that legendary progress thread), and it was very motivating to see how it developed and flourished. In the end, our projects turned out to be quite similar, with focus on a short, polished experience and a good presentation. Likewise, it was nice to see a familiar face (or rather, game) when we had our little moments of attention in the maelstrom of new titles :)

If you'd like to keep an eye on Peninja, feel free to bookmark of follow our Peninja Patreon (it's finally in English :D ) - I'll post public updates as often as possible, if you feel like exploring rather than pledging.
I wish you all the best as well and I'm looking forward to what you and your team do next!

Stay funky, you lazy bum! ;)

Heyho JonIrenicus!
Thank you for playing and for reporting the bug!  I guess you're on Linux?
Sadly, we won't be able to fix this error right now due to the IMGC2017 contest rules (we're not allowed to upload newer versions as this would skew the competition). After this, one of the first things on our list!
Maybe this hotfix can help you play (quoting user DrkSky from below in the comments) :

"so ninja_0X.png files are being called improperly and throwing a load error.
So is the  LetterSound_Neutral.ogg. 
GNU/*nix players can manually rename the files changing the case as required, untill a fix is released. A quick enough rename.

Stay funky!

Hey PoofyGaming! Thanks for playing and streaming!
I love the name of your show AND how you voiced Quidget :D Glad you liked it!

Hey StefanosM, thanks for playing and sorry the game wasn't for you!

Hey @MikomiKisomi , thanks for playing and for your review! 
Very interesting to see Quidget from your perspective, and we'll definitely take some of it into account for Quidget 2.0.

Also, your line ""boobs exist" and "MC is a dog" and "boobz still exist!!"" just killed us [IMG][IMG]
I could have saved sooo much time on the game descriptions if you'd have reviewed the game in beta state! XD

Hey Onslaught Supply,
wow, your game is pretty complex for a jam game! I can see that a lot of thought went into the battle mechanics and the story.
What I also liked was the more adult look of the characters and of the world itself. Together with the music and the dramatic intro/tutorial it gave me a very high-fantasy feel. Also, the cloud-jumping was kinda cool :D
Stay funky,

Hey Lineyatronic, thanks for playing!
It was fun watching you :)

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I hear you, my man!
Peninja - The Funky Sexy Love Ninja RPG

Peninja Patreon

Hey AtariKafa! Thanks, and thanks for playing!

Your fox is really cute! :)
Good luck with the game, you two! 

Haha, thank you, Valryia! Glad you liked it! 
I literally just answered on Discord before seeing your comment :D Sorry for the trouble, mostly I just leave Discord open I a tab (I'm one of the guys with a thousand* tabs).
*Might be exaggerated

Hey Aleccia!
I'm sorry to point that out, but we don't have a Polaroid Camera anywhere in the game... 
Unless you hacked it somehow 
Otherwise, it's just a normal Polaroid picture ("Shake it, shake shake it!"). But you're right about this, if we would've had a camera in the game, we would've build it so that you could take pictures of everything :) Snap!

Thank you for playing!