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Quidget the Wonderwiener *IGMC 2017*View game page

We need a brain... a NITRO BRAIN!
Submitted by TeamTailnut (@dezue_peninja) — 1 hour, 44 minutes before the deadline
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Quidget the Wonderwiener *IGMC 2017*'s page


Ranked 1st with 57 votes

People's Choice Vote#157

Judge feedback

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    Graphics were fully custom and looked very polished. The few maps were compact with a lot of detail due to drawn backgrounds instead of tiles.

    The writing was well done, technically, and presented information well. The characterisation that existed was also done quite well too. There wasn't really much of a story - just a framing device for gameplay.

    Music was decent - nothing stood out as too annoying but nothing was really catchy or interesting. Same with sound effects - they were used and fit well, but more could definitely have been done to add atmosphere to the area.

    There were a few menu options that weren't translated to English.

    Gameplay consisted of fetch quests and one 'puzzle'. There were choices in dialogue but it didn't make any difference to the plot itself. The fetch quests were very basic and the puzzle consisted of guessing a password. Very simple stuff.

    There was a game crashing bug at the end where you could open the menu and if you used save it would break the game.

    The game wasn't that interesting. It was very light on anything substantial and while there wasn't much wrong with the game it just didn't hold your interest outside of being pretty. The sexual innuendos were gratuitous and I honestly didn't find them amusing at all, either.  It also felt a bit like an advertisement demo for the other game which was... really not what you want when you're in a competition.

    The overall experience was very forgettable.

    The game was about creation and honestly, it presented it well enough in plot and mechanics even if it didn't really do anything interesting with the theme.


  • 47/80

    Not particularly amazing, but everything worked fine. A very basic story and some interesting ideas. Would love to see it go further. The graphics and sound worked well with this game in setting up the mood. Very nicely done. Fun and quirky despite being short. If nothing else, it stands out with an odd humor.

    Some issues do exist such as the abundance of potentially offensive humor and the fact that it feels like it is blatantly advertising a different game altogether. That and there really wasn't much of a game. You basically just walked back and forth talking to the same things.

  • This game looks amazing, the character animations, environment and interface were all top notch. I wish there was a little more exploring you could do. Having the machine just spit out the item you need so many times felt like a cop-out. I still enjoyed playing it, short as it was.

    Score: 53/80

  • Theme

    You need to deliver a present for your friend…I guess.


    Fetch quest that was really boring. There was one time I had a hard time going down the kitchen. So I thought it was locked out. 


    It’s gorgeous. But some of the collision is confusing. The jokes were so middle school/teenage writing that it's hard to engage at all with the game.


    I felt like I played an advertisement rather than a game.

    Total – 51/80

Team Members
Dezue and OniGiri (Team Tailnut)


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Reading through the judges comments and getting very angry at the obvious bias they show. Not properly acknowledging the effort and level of quality going into some titles.


Thanks for your passion! 
Sometimes, a silly, pretty, sexy game is the thing the world needs :D

(1 edit) (+3)

Absolutely loved the graphics. Everything was so seamless and perfect. Very nicely done. I didn't find any bugs, and the concept was both clever, and very original. Several innuendos layered in there, but I get the impression that this is the point. ;) I'm looking forward to checking out the full length feature this is spun from!

The dynamic between scientist and assistant is adorable, and I managed to get the password the first time around. Rather enjoyed the placement of Quidget's plans, as a matter of fact...for their scientific orientation, of course. Quite helpful! I really liked the M-N machine, as well.  Very clever.

Only downside I really see here is the length, really, and the relatively small environment. Then again, both of those things allowed for a fully polished piece that delivers quite the professional package. (See what I did there?) Overall, the general concept and aesthetic were very well done! It is difficult to find much more to say. There is not much story to engage with, but what is there is simplistic and enjoyable to follow through to completion. It does end up feeling more like a side-quest than a game, but I viewed it more as a preview of things to come. Good luck with Peninja! I'll be following your work!


Heyho Gabrelik!
Thank you for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Quidget's little laboratory!
I see exactly what you did there with the package!  Beatrize would definitely approve ... for scienctific purposes, obviously!  

On another note: I'm very glad you took part in the jam. Edwin was a project I took interest in from the beginning (in that legendary progress thread), and it was very motivating to see how it developed and flourished. In the end, our projects turned out to be quite similar, with focus on a short, polished experience and a good presentation. Likewise, it was nice to see a familiar face (or rather, game) when we had our little moments of attention in the maelstrom of new titles :)

If you'd like to keep an eye on Peninja, feel free to bookmark of follow our Peninja Patreon (it's finally in English :D ) - I'll post public updates as often as possible, if you feel like exploring rather than pledging.
I wish you all the best as well and I'm looking forward to what you and your team do next!

Stay funky, you lazy bum! ;)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

When I saw the cover art and heard it's a puzzle game, I figured it wouldn't be type of game for me, but I still tried it, especially since it has so many glowing reviews. Honestly, I can't see much good about this game aside from the extremely tight art and graphical aesthetic that doesn't change for the game, something that a lot of games struggle with- this has a specific artistic identity and it never falters, which is very great. 

That's about all there is for this, though... the humor, by the end of it, was causing me to facepalm so hard I was wondering if I had lost my mind since so many of the reviews were saying how funny this game is. The humor is middle school level, there's nothing "naughty" or even somewhat adult, it's stuff that a 13 year old boy would think of and go "wow, that's so dirty!". I easily guessed the combination at the end (I gave the game the benefit of the doubt and thought, "it certainly couldn't be that childish of a combination- the MC is a dog, so it's probably 'bacon'") but of course I was wrong and the real combination was something you'd see graffitied on a middle school bathroom. 

Maybe it's just a "girl thing" but I just couldn't take the game seriously after seeing the assistant, whatever her name was. Now, obviously this is a comedy, so it's not supposed to be taken too seriously, but when the entire game's jokes revolve around "boobs exist" and "MC is a dog" and "boobz still exist!!", it's hard to take anything of it any more serious than something marketed for adolescent boys. 

The puzzles weren't too hard, which was kinda nice for people like me who aren't good at puzzles, but I can see where more puzzle-oriented players would want more. 

So, all in all... I don't see how this could be an adult game. The humor just isn't adult, it's more childish than anything. The overall aesthetic of the game, however, is by far the leading point in the game, as it does work really well to unify it all. I'd like to see more along this vein as the mechanics worked fine and the game had a strong identity, just with actual adult humor.


Hey @MikomiKisomi , thanks for playing and for your review! 
Very interesting to see Quidget from your perspective, and we'll definitely take some of it into account for Quidget 2.0.

Also, your line ""boobs exist" and "MC is a dog" and "boobz still exist!!"" just killed us [IMG][IMG]
I could have saved sooo much time on the game descriptions if you'd have reviewed the game in beta state! XD


I had high expectations of this one for some reason. Was it maybe the artwork (which is quite nice, by the way)?  Aside from the artwork, there was nothing innovative in the way of game mechanics, and I did not have any laugh-aloud moments personally (though people tend to agree more on what is sad than on what is funny, I find).

Where there was ambition there was success, so it would have been nice if you brought that ambition into other areas.


Hey StefanosM, thanks for playing and sorry the game wasn't for you!


Well then. I guess we have a winner! Atleast in the top 10. Not much in terms of interactive gameplay, but the amount of polish would make any shoe green. I wanted to ping you via discord, but i couldn't? Was the sudden fame getting to you?

Oh and: Ich wünsche dir viel Glück, landsmann!


Haha, thank you, Valryia! Glad you liked it! 
I literally just answered on Discord before seeing your comment :D Sorry for the trouble, mostly I just leave Discord open I a tab (I'm one of the guys with a thousand* tabs).
*Might be exaggerated


Use Polaroid Camera on Former Fridge

"What? That wouldn't make any sense at all."
Use Polaroid Camera on Nitrowave
"You shouldn't put that in the Nitrowave".

Erm, game? The current standard for this is to say something silly to indicate that this is not anywhere near the solution. People generally "use" cameras with other things to take a picture of them. They also occasionally use batteries or spare film on the camera to keep it working.  Alternatively this could be seen as "use piece of tech on unrelated piece of tech".

A more childish character would likely actually take a picture or each and every thing. A genius like Quidget would probably instead talk about the appliance itself.


Hey Aleccia!
I'm sorry to point that out, but we don't have a Polaroid Camera anywhere in the game... 
Unless you hacked it somehow 
Otherwise, it's just a normal Polaroid picture ("Shake it, shake shake it!"). But you're right about this, if we would've had a camera in the game, we would've build it so that you could take pictures of everything :) Snap!

Thank you for playing! 


Fantastic artwork, funny jokes and naughty innuendos make Quidget a really fun experience and most likely a lock for one of the four contest prizes. It's a short game and there's not a ton of game play elements involved but it's fun and beautiful and definitely worth checking out. 

Great boobz ... err, I mean job. Great job! 


Great ... boobjob?  Glad you had fun in Quidget's laboratory, Frogboy! 
Thank you for the compliments! 


The graphics of this game are gorgeous!  And honestly everything visually was just eye candy. 

I also enjoy the level of scope you decided on.  In a format like this I'd rather have 5-10 min of WOW, than 50 min of blah, and you hit that level with the visuals alone.

The only constructive criticism I'll give is that it seemed nothing more than just a  "Go Fetch" game (Pun intended), and could've had so much more depth.

Overall I enjoyed the game, and congrats on the entry!


Heyho Nelderson, thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it and that we could wow you  
I agree with you on the gameplay depth. We're already working on v.1.1 with more diverse quests, secrets and some added sexyness!


This is a super cute and fun little game. The artwork is amazing and unlike anything else in this competition. The game may be short but it is very fun and silly. I'm looking forward to the full game this is going to be a part of.  

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you very much, Allan! Glad you had a good laugh

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

It's been said before, but I'll say it again! The beauty of this game is palpable. The level of professional artwork here is just beyond my comprehension! But is the game good? Well ya! While it's not my favorite type of game, it's well done and full of charm. With the little time spent in this game, you'll want more of the world and its characters! I can't wait to see what Team Tailnut comes up with in the future, because let's face it, it's gonna be good! :D


Thank you very very much for your kind words, Jacob! 
I'm glad you still played and enjoyed it! Rock on and stay funky!  


great graphics, fitting music, well done!

hope you fix the framerate problem for a final release.


Thanks for playing and streaming, that was  fun!
Framerate fixes are already underway 


Grafisch wirklich sehr gelungenes Spiel <3 

Das verkürzt die Wartezeit auf Peninja etwas :3


Danke dir vielmals!
Ich wünschte, ich könnte ein Nitrogehirn in den RPGMaker stecken, und Peninja käme raus ;)


I loved how smoooooottthhhh it went ;)

And by that OF COURSE i meant the fluid... ity of the animations and the shiny roundness of the graphics...

But seriously, the innuendo in this game is hilarious, and I hope to play the main project soon. You guys did awesome and the whole thing fit together perfectly. The music is grade A+ fantastic btw!!!


Speaking of innuendo, thanks for your sexy review ;D
Glad you enjoyed the game ass...ets and the humour 


You have my vote :D 


Yeeeeah thank you very much! I'm as happy as your profile picture :D


I'm still stunned about this awesome game and art style! It's unique, funny and funky ;) Keep going with that and your other project "Peninja". You have my support. Thank you for sharing your creativity and ideas with us.


Thank you very much for playing, glad you liked Quidget! 
Also thanks for your support, it means a lot to us!


Loved the game! Great little puzzles to solve, funny jokes, and amazing art. Can't wait to play your main project when it comes out :) Great job


Thank you very much!  It`s awesome to hear that you, glad you liked it!


The art style so cool! and your the single fighter!? ok...this is awesome. Anyway good job!


Thanks a ton! 


Here is a blow-by-blow review as I play the game in retro-real time!

Intro is great! Very fun, love the style and graphics as well as the music. Same with the title screen!

You had me at big boobs, lost me at senpai.

This whole game looks more like a Cartoon Network show than a game! Great graphic style, love the characters. Quidget is reminds me a bit of The Brain from Pinky and the Brain.

Punching the Electric Igor was disturbingly fun. Sometimes I punch him without even needing a tool.

When it came to opening the secret brain room, I got the password correct without even looking at anything for clues because I just like boobz. It is also fun to gross out the assistant with the Nitro Brain.

So after I put the Nitro Brain into Franco and did my maniacal laugh, I pulled the lever, then the dog moved up and the whole game stopped as if it was trying to process an event move route that was blocked. I had to restart the game from the very beginning. Second time around it went fine, luckily it is a very short game!

Overall it is a very enjoyable little game, plays more like a flash game at the moment. Very simple, but the humor is fantastic, the art is quirky and wonderful, the music zany but a little repetitive since it is just one track looping endlessly. 

I know you have plans for a bigger game and this is just a small side thing, but I get a bit of a Lucas Games vibe from it, especially if it was expanded. 

Great work!


Wow, thank you very much for your review! I couldn't have gotten a better Secret Santa 
Real time reviews are awesoooome!

Sorry you encountered the ending bug, and I'm glad you played again from the start - kudos to you for doing that!
We will fix that as soon as it's possible after the contest.

Also, nice job getting the password at first try without the hint  I laughed a lot when I read that part of your review!
The Electric Igor says thanks for all the punches, Master! Ha Ha Ha - Haaa!


loved your game really funny and great artwork 


Thank you very much! I had a good time watching you play!


Really enjoyed this short game - art style, music, humor fits perfectly together! Hardly can't await to see Peninja get done!


Thank you very much, Spektakulum!
We're doing our best to finish the Peninja techdemo as soon as possible!

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