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Heya! I don't really have anything in the 2:1 ratio department; what you see in the screenshots is what I make. The items you'll find on Patreon snap together on a 32x32 grid. The older items made for RPGMaker (Medieval Town and Country, Interiors, etc) are on a 48x48 grid. Each wall piece for the 2.5D items (basically everything since Patreon) fully occupies a single "tile" space. I do not really do custom work since it tends to take too much time and it would cost way too much for most people if I were to charge them fully for my time, so I tend to avoid doing it at all.

Glad to hear it and I am glad that the resources helped you! Your game also looks really great; I enjoyed the intro movie you made and the shadow people! Great work!

Looking good so far! Keep it up!

This pack when I made it was for RPGMaker VX/VXAce which have a special way of animating the water tiles. You could look at how those pieces of software handle it to see.

What software are you using?

Heya! They are 32x32. The water is set up as autotiles as the RPGMaker software uses it.

Yep, they should work pretty much the same!

I do not have any plans to release any 3D assets, only 2D ones.

MOST tiles, when you look at the tile sheets, indeed the majority of everything comes in both facings. For grounds I use decal/splat tiles which can really be used in either or both capacity simultaneously as they have faded edges which allow for them to blend in with other textures. I do have more rigid tiles (in diagonal) in the newer 2.5D asset packs. If you haven't checked it out, you can download the Infernus tileset for free and find those kinds of tiles as well.

I am not entirely sure what you're asking - this asset pack contains tiles, characters, and monsters that are in 8 directional facings - the 4 orthogonal directions and the 4 diagonal directions.

Thank you kindly!

Thank you kindly!

Heya! If you go and download my game The Last Journey (it's free, here on itch) you can see some of the various assets in action.

Heya! The perspective is slightly different than the older asset packs that were made for RPGMaker, but *most* of the tiles can be mixed and matched. The primary differences will be things like walls/buildings, if you put the wall tiles from the newer asset packs next to the old asset buildings they will look different. But things like trees, the ground textures, misc objects, etc, should be pretty freely compatible.

Thank you kindly!

These assets are older and were made with RPGMaker in mind. If you want full 8 directions for all animations (and tons more animations) the newer 2.5D assets have all of that.

Hah! I did not see that, it was inadvertent but that is great! Thank you for pointing it out :)

Ahoy! I am currently transitioning from mostly Fantasy stuff to more modern stuff and then will transition towards Sci-Fi (I love Sci-Fi!)

I don't have a time table on this though, but it is something I want to do.

Hello! Thank you kindly for the nice words!

Which graphics are you referring to? Characters and monsters all have 8 directional facings (up, down, left, right and diagonals). For the tiles its a bit more of a mixed bag depending - a lot of the building tiles have both, but certain ones are diagonal only. The vast majority of objects can be used in whatever orientation. Furniture is similar to building tiles in that some of it is diagonal only (this was stuff that I made at first before people requested I include 8 directions) and the rest has all 8 directions. 

As for .obj files - there are none. Many of the tiles are drawn, and the characters and monsters and such are just 2D sprite renders. No 3D assets included.

They certainly can!

You can use the resources in any engine that you want, you can edit the resources as you see fit, you can use these for commericial and non-commercial purposes. You just can't re-sell the assets or modify and sell them.

Thank you kindly!

I guess I haven't been very good with getting word out about the Patreon and how much more versatile those character pieces are. Thank you kindly for the support!

Heya! Yeah, things tend to get confusing after so many years! I would say Patreon gives you the most bang for your buck. Pretty much almost all of my asset packs are given through there depending on the tier selected, along with thousands of resources that are not released anywhere else presently. So basically you get everything that I have up on Itch/Steam (minus the super older stuff which I discontinued long ago anyway) plus thousands of things not available anywhere else.

Yes, they can!

Thank you very much!

At the moment I don't have immediate plans, simply because I am very busy making more art assets! I do enjoy making games though so would love to revisit this a bit. If you haven't played The Last Journey (you can also find it here on itch), that is very much a spiritual successor to this game, but better in my opinion.

Thank you kindly!

The walls and such will fit on a 32x32 grid, snapping together.

I actually have since made exactly that, though right now all of that stuff is only over on my Patreon. The buildable characters all have over 2000 frames of animation - over 70 different animations, each in 8 directional facings, including walking, running, idling, numerous attacks, resting, using items, and much more. Likewise, monsters have 400 frames of animation, each animation in 8 directional facings. On top of that, there are thousands of new tiles there as well, and other resources.

Thank you kindly!

As a huge thank-you for all of the support on Patreon, I have created a new set of completely free tiles that mix and match perfectly with all of the other assets and materials currently being made.

Infernus is a tileset with well over 600 pieces. Created blasted hellscapes and nefarious daemonic chambers, or mix and match with other PVGames assets to create anything you can think up.

The resources contained herein can be freely mixed and matched with resources from the PVGames Patreon and upcoming packs (you can find more here) to exponentially expand your game world!

FEATURES for the Infernus Tileset:

  • Over 600 tiles.
  • A number of animated pieces for various light sources (lanterns, candles, candelabras, etc).
  • Modular building pieces that can be mixed and matched with each other and any other PVGames 2.5D resource. Build anything you want!

You can find it here:

Thank you and enjoy!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

I am probably going to "remaster" the older assets (the High Fantasy stuff, Wild Steam, etc) and color correct them and put them up for sale on itch in the future. Lots of new stuff though is being made which will ultimately end up on itch as well that is currently only on Patreon :)

I just replayed it a bit since it's been years. It has its flaws for sure. There are a couple of bugs in there, and it's not the easiest game to get a grip on right away (again, this was made in only a month), but man, the interconnectedness of all the ship systems still makes me proud.

Hmm, looks like that website no longers hosts the games from that game jam. Here is a direct link to the rar file:   I also updated my webpage with the updated link. Thanks for pointing it out!

Thank you! I should probably put a link for Sector 12 now that you mention it, for anyone who might be looking for it:

Thanks again!

Thank you, enjoy!

You are most welcome! Do let me know if you have any issues or questions!