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Absolutely loved the graphics. Everything was so seamless and perfect. Very nicely done. I didn't find any bugs, and the concept was both clever, and very original. Several innuendos layered in there, but I get the impression that this is the point. ;) I'm looking forward to checking out the full length feature this is spun from!

The dynamic between scientist and assistant is adorable, and I managed to get the password the first time around. Rather enjoyed the placement of Quidget's plans, as a matter of fact...for their scientific orientation, of course. Quite helpful! I really liked the M-N machine, as well.  Very clever.

Only downside I really see here is the length, really, and the relatively small environment. Then again, both of those things allowed for a fully polished piece that delivers quite the professional package. (See what I did there?) Overall, the general concept and aesthetic were very well done! It is difficult to find much more to say. There is not much story to engage with, but what is there is simplistic and enjoyable to follow through to completion. It does end up feeling more like a side-quest than a game, but I viewed it more as a preview of things to come. Good luck with Peninja! I'll be following your work!

Heyho Gabrelik!
Thank you for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Quidget's little laboratory!
I see exactly what you did there with the package!  Beatrize would definitely approve ... for scienctific purposes, obviously!  

On another note: I'm very glad you took part in the jam. Edwin was a project I took interest in from the beginning (in that legendary progress thread), and it was very motivating to see how it developed and flourished. In the end, our projects turned out to be quite similar, with focus on a short, polished experience and a good presentation. Likewise, it was nice to see a familiar face (or rather, game) when we had our little moments of attention in the maelstrom of new titles :)

If you'd like to keep an eye on Peninja, feel free to bookmark of follow our Peninja Patreon (it's finally in English :D ) - I'll post public updates as often as possible, if you feel like exploring rather than pledging.
I wish you all the best as well and I'm looking forward to what you and your team do next!

Stay funky, you lazy bum! ;)