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Depend the user, average playtime is 2 hours.
There's several people bit hard to find out the clue, so trial and error until their spend 5 to 6 hours to finish the game.

your welcome,

I hope, you enjoy the game!

Hello, DE:VOID already on steam!
you can download the game on steam right now xD

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Hello RPGVeir, The game will be 2-3 hours.
This game still in development, I will contacted you when it's ready.

Please help us, spread our game!

Thanks for report this.
You can check this link.

Ups; We are so sorry bout that.
Now we remove all demo or anything about this, we will update with newest version.
Please be excited!

Thanks for playing our game, actually there's a catchy tutorial in this game...
But in the end of production we get a lot problem and then...scrap those..scene.
Hopefully...we can surprise you for complete edition of this game.

Hello, thanks for playing our game.
Yeah, we out of time to make this game.
I think, we will surprise you in the next year!

Hello Kyattchan, thanks for give us some feedback! We will improve the game and add some extra event on commercial product. The battle system is experimental for us...But we almost finish to make the battle system. We hope on the newest version..everything will be clear!

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Anyway the music so nostalgic =A=a, I remember this project....and I saw ron d kid, haha. Good job for the first release in public, and nice intro anyway.,

how lovely art style!

Wow adorable game <3

Looks neet! Your voice so cute tho =w=a

Patch v0.9.2 is up!

Please download it here

Install instructions Patch the game.

1. Extract DoH TPW

2. Replace www folder on game folder (DoH TPW)

3. Run game.exe to play the game.

There's minor changes on the game:

Change log; Fix some grammar; Balancing Audio; Added some cutscene

We hope you like it! Thank you!


Nice game =w=b

Love the black mage, remind me vivi <3

Thank you, brammuda <3

Thank you <3

Hello Kyudramon1, thanks for playing our game! If you like our game, don't forget to vote us! =w=b

Thanks wikan! we hope you like our game!

Cute and lovely game <3

The art style so cool! and your the single fighter!? ok...this is awesome. Anyway good job!

Lovely artwork <3

Title screen and the battlers looks so amazing <3

Good job!

Somehow I like the characters~ Jess is my favorite character!

Nice let's play!

Thank you!

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Cute and great game!! Are you single fighter!? such wow!

Thanks om <3

Thank you!

I was interested this game, somehow I saw it on RMN. And Finally I can play this game!!

Somehow i like the portrait =w=b; anyway good job for complete the game!

Wow this is looks awesome!

Finally we complete the game! xD
Need more polished tho lol

Hello frebryansky, thank you!

Hello ariefhs04! We hope you like our game!

Hello Jake!

Thanks for playing our game, we out of time to make the battle systems. We still tweak and make it more responsive in the next build. Thanks for the feedback!