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A short puzzle adventure made in one month for IGMC 2017.
Submitted by Geoff Moore (@RideTheMammoth) — 6 hours, 57 seconds before the deadline
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Ranked 4th with 35 votes

People's Choice Vote#435
Judge's Choice#10n/a

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  • 51/80

    At least one puzzle requires on a stereotype logic that not everyone will understand. Fairly confused as there are a lot of questions to be asked. The story honestly feels incomplete.

    The art style and music makes it much more relaxing and harder to get frustrated at the game when it gets confusing. There are a few places where the animations are a bit odd. A lot of the game feels like it is meant to be played in one sitting as there are no recap hints for if you don’t remember what you’ve done so far.

    Looks like we are waiting for either a sequel or an expansion for this game as the ending feels like it came out of nowhere and it feels like there should be a bit more to the ending.


    Graphics were all custom and quite cute. Everything fit well together and while some maps were rather large, the move speed helped you get through them fast. You could tell what most of everything was and the face sets were quite cute too.

    The writing was well done with very few issues that I noticed. The plot was nicely presented and the characterisation was very well done, too. Each character felt different to the others. The changing expressions of the facesets helped you connect to characters well.

    The music and sound were well used too, even if they were pretty standard in their use.

    The gameplay consisted of typical adventure aspects - walking and interaction, collection of items and using/looking/interacting with the environment.

    You basically collected items and inspected items in order to progress. It was very standard play but the puzzle of figuring what to use in certain areas was decent and added a bit of challenge and interaction to an otherwise walk-fest experience.

    I really enjoyed the game a lot. Granted, I didn't get the whole thing with Moop's dad, but otherwise the game was a really nice experience. I liked the characters a lot.

    The theme of the game was 'hidden truths/secrets' and the game presented them well enough with what it could.

  • This turned out to be quite the ride. I figured the whole thing was going to be a cute, light-hearted adventure game but once Moop goes to the island, my heart really broke for him. The graphics were nice, especially the character designs. Pretty standard adventure gameplay but all the puzzle solving was intuitive. I’m most impressed with how cohesive it all was despite the wide range of tones in the storyline. It’s cute, sure, but it’s also very meaningful.

    Score: 63/80

  • Theme

    It’s your birthday and it's time for a celebration. Except your father hasn’t returned yet to celebrate it with you. It didn't help a huge ship crashes from the sky, a human is almost dead and places can't be reached because of it.  Part of the theme was how even if fate was foretold, it can always change or something.


    It’s just your standard fetch quest type of game. Pretty easy and nothing much to say about it.


    The game’s very consistent and cute.


    It was alright.

    Total – 63/80

Team Members
Geoff Moore

RPG Maker MV

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It cheered me up when I was feeling down <3 thanks!

(1 edit)

This game is absolutely amazing. I just beat it and... the feels, man <3

Honestly, I find it difficult for me to really rate Moop.  Partially because my main focus as a person who plays a ton of video games is on RPGs.  So my ability to assess the quality of a game like Moop is fairly limited.


1) I'm not exactly a big fan of the title of this game.  Largely because it seems to set itself up for a near endless steam of jokes about excrement.

2) On the graphical side of things I'm a mixed as well.  On one hand I like the simple design of the characters.  On the other hand, I'm not exactly fond of how yellow the game is.  In fact, it almost feels like the game has been coated in a golden shower.

3) On a more positive note that doesn't involve bodily functions.  I do like the reveal about Moop's father and feel like the story ties itself together rather nicely.  Though, I do question how the aliens technology could have remained functional after thousands of years without anyone able to maintain it.  Or how they could have predicted the results of thousands of years worth of random events.


Moop is an adorable little game with custom graphics designed to look like it was made for the original Nintendo Gameboy, complete with the green tint (a retro-style I personally love). The game is fantastic. Cute and fun characters, interesting puzzles that aren't really meant to be overly challenging, good humor and even a serious life lesson or two makes this a must play. It's fantastic! 

While there's no way I'll be able to play all of the IGMC games, I'd be shocked if Moop doesn't take one of the four contest prizes. It's that well done and doesn't appear to have any deficiencies. Great job! 


I enjoyed this so much, really charming art direction with fun and cute characters with some story nuances and commentary that pulled everything together into an awesome package. Was very happy to have played through it all and the ending was really satisfying for a small story. I also really loved some of the puzzles/clues you had to connect, great work :)!


very nice!


Thank you! :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Nice game, lovely characters and an adorable style :) I'd definitely recommend it!


Thank you Rinober! That's awesome to hear :)


Hey there, I just played for a bit and really liked it. The writing was really great. I liked the art quite a bit as well, simple and clean but with a lot of personality, especially in the portraits. Nice work!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Cute and great game!! Are you single fighter!? such wow!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you Eggion! Yep, this one's just me. It was a tough month haha, but I'm pleased with the results : )