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English translation when 👀 haha!

Thank you!

I wish I could try this out live, hopefully ARCore will be available for more devices soon, it looks really neat! I love how the music changed over/under water :3

I probably won't develop this particular project more, but I'm definitely looking to make something similar again :D

Thanks, it was fun to see you submitting in the same jam too! :D

It cheered me up when I was feeling down <3 thanks!

Short but sweet!

Very high quality in terms of graphics and sound, and the story is cute. Admittedly, I kind of expected it to have some kind of horror twist because of the deep red background and the choice of font for the title, but that was not the case. It was, however, also not a problem. The banter between Tindra and Emil was funny, A+!

Sorry for taking so long to see this comment! :O Thank you for playing my game Jupi <3

Hey, the animations in this are suuuper sweet! Did you use Live2D to make them or are they animated by hand or some other way?

What a cute game! ^o^ ) I enjoyed it a lot, good job!