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Hey, thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the game!

You have found all of the characters. The ninth one is the one you start with, the Commander :) 

As for the final wave boss, there are 3 different variations. You are correct, it changes if you recruit the dragon. There is another condition in the game that will trigger a third boss.

Thanks for playing, glad you are enjoying it.

Thank you very much for the feedback and comments, I really appreciate it. I definitely did have some trouble with balancing, especially the end game content. Really I just needed more time to playtest and tune the combat better I think.

I'm glad you enjoyed your time with it, thanks for playing!

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Thanks slumberjack, I appreciate that, glad you are enjoying it!


This is great! Getting so many Link's Awakening vibes. It feels very polished and I love all the little things that there are to discover (blacksmith, frog, etc). Nicely done!

I really enjoyed the setting in the game. The dialogue and artwork really work well to set the stage. I did find myself wishing I could go through more doors and interact more with the people. The world seems so interesting I wanted more freedom to explore :)

Hey there, I just played for a bit and really liked it. The writing was really great. I liked the art quite a bit as well, simple and clean but with a lot of personality, especially in the portraits. Nice work!

Hey Luizcubas, I just gave your game a play and really enjoyed it. I found the loot gave some strong Diablo vibes...just having colored labels for the different rarities does a lot. Just the UI overall felt really good and added to the feel.

It took me a few floors before I figured out that the elemental weaknesses were being told to me down at the bottom. Once I got that, I felt like I had a bit more to think about (prior to that I was just spamming skills and not really understanding the difference). I still wasn't totally clear on what was weak to what, but I did enjoy experimenting.

I liked having the abilities on WASD, it felt really intuitive. One thing I did find I wanted to do was be able to trigger a bunch of skills/attacks simultaneously (like in Valkyrie Profile). It would be really cool to combo different attacks together, maybe combine them for different effects :)

Anyways fantastic job for one month! It feels really polished and cohesive.

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed it! I've always loved the look of the RTP 2000 sprites, so one of my goals for this contest was to get them into MV.

Hi there, I've added the file OpenAL32.dll to the game page. Please download and extract the file to your game directory and it should fix the error. I will try to get a new build up soon with the file included properly. Sorry about that!

Beautiful, thanks so much!

Awesome, I liked the artwork in Galaxy Protector. Looking forward to playing with this!

Hey, great video, thanks for checking out the games!