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A jam entry

The Golden PearlView game page »

A short Gameboy inspired game about exploration and puzzle solving.
Submitted by The Mighty Palm with 6 days, 12 hours before the deadline

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Team Members
The Mighty Palm.

Rpg Maker Vx Ace

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Wrote up an overview for this game, was a good time!

Thanks for making this game, it's fun and intuitive! You've done an amazing job here in so little time! :D

(Edited 1 time)

If you tap the wall in the upper left of the first area, the screen goes grayscale, and if you save, there's no getting color back without reinstalling. Please fix this!

Edit: also, in the cave on G6, if you blow up the rock, leave, and come back, you can't push the block. :(


This is great! Getting so many Link's Awakening vibes. It feels very polished and I love all the little things that there are to discover (blacksmith, frog, etc). Nicely done!


It's a REALLY REALLY great game and it's amazing you've made it in just a month! :D (i have a feeling this game will win the IGMC~)

the music sounds great to me. and graphics are wonderful, too!

though, there are few glitches (I'll not mention them here because I don't properly remember them; so if I found or recalled any I'll let you know) (they're probably happening due to something wrong in the events/but it's okay! it happens) 

One bug is currently annoying me, I've collected more than 20 Magic Seeds - but the Frog (the princess) says you don't have enough seeds :/ can you please check on it?

Thanks and congrats on making such a wonderful game!


Just a heads up, the audio on some tracks are a bit loud (Like the Overworld...). I now realise it's not because of a personal preference but because I forgot to set the default BGM level to 80 instead of 100 in the games settings. Too late to fix it now, but you can turn it down from the systems option in the pause menu. Normally I'm against this sort of telling you how to play the game thing but I'll make the exception for the sake of your ears.


Love this game!

Found a little glitch that locks down my computer. Can't do anything when I fall in these places. It just plays the music and shows this screen, with no access to the menu. (This screen, minus the purple boxes. I tried to replicate it to make sure it wasn't just me.)

 I think it's because my regen spot would be on top of the rocks, since all the other holes regen fine. Love this entry, great job!


Geez how thorough were you in your bug hunt? You found a bug in just those three specific spaces? Thanks for telling me bout this. Can't fix it for another month and it's kind of off to the side but thanks nonetheless! Great work detective princess

yeah...I just die a lot lol

Oh man, I wish I read this comment before I played, I ended up falling into the same thing. +A+


Wonderful work, i'm simply AMAZED to see how this game can bring back Game Boy Color age. This is what i call a good work!

(Edited 3 times) (+1)

I'm really enjoying this, takes me back to the good ole classic Zelda games! Got about 5 hours invested into it so far but am completely stuck with the fire temple. Can't figure out how to reach or use the block switches? I've completed the other 2 temples and got those rings. I also have 12 hearts so far,  but I'm missing 1 cat, 2 seeds, and 1 book in the sidequests. I hope I haven't hit a game breaker (with the switches)  :/ Anyway, thanks for an awesome throw back! Haven't had this much fun with an old school Zelda type in a while!

P.S. A possible bug/glitch. When I was trying to traverse the cracked floor room  in the earth temple (trial and error?) I feel into the mountain area. When I pulled up the map it still showed the earth temple map instead of the overworld map. I went back to the temple and after several more tries (falling back to the mountain area a few times). I completed it.  Not sure if that's intentional. I also still have an earth key even though I completed the temple. Sorry, not complaining by any means! Awesome game! Just want to help if it is a bug/glitch :)


I'm gonna look into those cracks. As for the fire temple, you can pick up and throw your bombs to reach those switches. Dunno if it said that in the description of the item or maybe I completely forgot to mention it ingame, but there is a screenshot on the games page that shows the player carrying a bomb... 

Anyway I'll try and see if I can fix those problems in time


Thanks, a duh moment for sure. I should have thought to pick up the bomb. Anyway, I finished it and got what I guess is the bad ending. As I said before awesome game you definitely get my vote! I have 2 questions though. Is there a clue for the 6 moveable rocks screen? Also I found a tombstone under a tree that  said 23 is number 1, what does that mean?  


I don't really want to say, since those two things might actually be connected in a way... but that's only half the riddle. It's the one somewhat cryptic secret I have and it's special. Keep on exploring and maybe you'll be the first to figure it out!


Super cool game I am going to put more time into it after I try out a few other submissions. I like the style.


This is awesome for a game made in RPG Maker! I didn't think the engine could do this! Well done, I am playing and loving the game right now! :D

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

This game is really nice! I loved it! It's look like an old zelda game and it's really awesome. However, It just crashed when I was in the village and head up down. You should fix it!


Hey this is very important infor and thank you so much, but can you please be more specific? What were you doing EXACTLY when the crash happened, and was there an error message or did the game just exit out, what happened? Can you replicate the crash or did it only happen once? anything you can tell me will allow me to fix it much sooner


I just went down and it said that it stopped. Between the house.


Thank you so much. The issue has been fixed, and the game will be re-uploaded with this error resolved later.

Hello GalaxyNewsRadio, I was just wondering. Why are you so rude to every person you review. So far, this is the only game you said something good about. Have you ever made a game! Also, how can you write a review on a game you only play less than 20 minutes on. just saying, also you do not speak proper English and do not appreciate all the hard work some people have put into these games.


I might not talk good enought for you, but I say proper advice for people to fix. If you're not happy, then just don't read my comments.


This was a really cool experience! I had to turn the music off because it was giving me a major headache - but the game itself was really fun!


Thank you! Sorry the music wasn't suited to your ears, but now I'm glad I added the option to turn it off!