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Hi, thanks for showing interest! The game has definitely not been abandoned. It has undergone significant change graphics wise since I published this post. I'll update screenshots soon.

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Any small comments, you can put here.

Report in this topic any errors you might have with this pack. I will fix them soon after seeing the message ;)

Thank you ^^

No problem :) I'm doing well, but kinda busy so can't work on Delta Origins as much as I'd like.

Real nice, Starmage :)

Thank you!

No I did not make the music.

Level 2 has not been made. I have been working on a different project, once it is finished, I will come back to this game.

Slick work!


Great to hear :)

Pop ups are most likely blocked in your web browser. Unblock them for this website, and the Google Drive file will pop up.

Okay. When do you think it may arrive?

This is a nice looking game. Good job.

(BTW, I'm Thomas Smith from the forums.)

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So I had an idea. Could you add emojis that appear whenever certain text is typed in? See this:


That text did not turn into an emoji face. Could you change it so that it (and other emojis) do turn into an emoji face?

To other users of this site ~ do you think that this is a good idea?

WOW, I can hardly wait! O.O

You're welcome!

This looks cool! 😎 Very nice. I love the art and visual style. The music is wonderful as well. I can see you used MV RTP, but you used it very well. 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thanks for the support! 😊

Ha ha! I did, but I pretty much gave up on it. Maybe after Delta Origins, I will work on it more.

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Thanks!! 😊

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Thank you! 😃

Hello Starmage! I didn't even know you have an account. Good to see you :) Keep making good games!

Here you can post both reports of bugs and/or glitches, as well as give general feedback.

Got it :)

Well, I would give you the link, but you already have an account on it :) Here it is anyway.

I liked the game a lot as well :D

Thank you! A big update sounds better. Glad I can help.

I might as well drop the feedback here as well. It's just the same as what I gave on the forums. ("Her" or "she" refers to the main character.)

  1. When opening door to her room, she walks straight through it, then it opens quickly and slams shut.
  2. For all doors, when opening them and then leaving, returning causes the player to be able to walk straight through the closed door.
  3. Busts should slide or fade in, it would make it look a lot better.
  4. I would prefer to have more save points, or saving whenever.
  5. Player moves with multiple frames in more complex movement, but other characters move in a rigid way. Make it so that all characters move like the player.
  6. All other characters have a small shadow under them, but not the player.
  7. After she wakes up from cryo-stasis (is that what it's called?), and the ship is empty, when I run diagonally to the north west, she disappears briefly.
  8. In her room, collision with her bed is strange, as if there are invisible walls? Same thing for the counters in the kitchen.

That's the first feedback, I might have more. But I did like the game a whole lot and would love to see the full game!

Yup, I left you some on the forums, check it out! :)

It looks awesome, and I will play it soon. Oh, and yes, I am the same person on the rpg maker forums, remember?

Sounds good. :D

You're welcome!

Looks good! Nice!


Looks nice!

Beautiful game. Looks a lot like Legend of Zelda.

Yes, I loved it.