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Bug Reports and feedback Sticky

A topic by Onslaught Supply Games created Mar 01, 2018 Views: 252 Replies: 18
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Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Please feel free to leave bug reports and feedback here. This is still an early release demo and there are a lot of things that will be changed.

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It looks awesome, and I will play it soon. Oh, and yes, I am the same person on the rpg maker forums, remember?


absolutely Thomas. Leave me some feedback when you have the time.


Yup, I left you some on the forums, check it out! :)


I might as well drop the feedback here as well. It's just the same as what I gave on the forums. ("Her" or "she" refers to the main character.)

  1. When opening door to her room, she walks straight through it, then it opens quickly and slams shut.
  2. For all doors, when opening them and then leaving, returning causes the player to be able to walk straight through the closed door.
  3. Busts should slide or fade in, it would make it look a lot better.
  4. I would prefer to have more save points, or saving whenever.
  5. Player moves with multiple frames in more complex movement, but other characters move in a rigid way. Make it so that all characters move like the player.
  6. All other characters have a small shadow under them, but not the player.
  7. After she wakes up from cryo-stasis (is that what it's called?), and the ship is empty, when I run diagonally to the north west, she disappears briefly.
  8. In her room, collision with her bed is strange, as if there are invisible walls? Same thing for the counters in the kitchen.

That's the first feedback, I might have more. But I did like the game a whole lot and would love to see the full game!


excellent reports! I will be changing out a good amount of sprites as time goes. I am going to take all the bug reports and release a big update instead of a bunch of smaller ones.


Thank you! A big update sounds better. Glad I can help.

wow hey dudes i like this game, sad that nobody else was interested and hellp you two may i have link to the forums you guys use? sounds like a new community i need, i might be something important to you two or to someone on that forums.

i have completed then demo'

my ratings 10/10!!! best game!

there was a few glitches tho

1. cannot fix air recycle the left to right order does not work, I tried everything.

2. if you go to the morgue and then open last drawer and then open number two the game will keep your character stuck between the elliot and hale

3.idk where the clue or how to solve power output for surgical room it can go bellow 0 so like -1 and it can go on forever


Well, I would give you the link, but you already have an account on it :) Here it is anyway.

I liked the game a lot as well :D

yeah LOL i found the site very fast before you posted link XD, i just searched rpg maker mv


Got it :)


Air recycler is supposed to read: Clockwise from left to right (apparently that didn't make it to the demo) Also the power balance: there's 2 terminals that have to have the output equal to each other, the problem is that one terminal moves in greater incraments than the other ;) Good luck and let me know if you get stuck.

Also connect with me on Facebook for game and development updates: Facebook-OnslaughtSupplyGames

I also got some bullets but idk what for gun maybe? and would we be getting that sword maybe in the area with the guns? because the axe isnt there

thank,s im wondering if there is a new update out yet?


Not yet, massive overhaul in progress. But it's good to know you're still around.

oh ok can i have codes to the terminal and security door lock down?

i couldn't find out what the code was all i know there was two dates one for a birth day and one for when photo was taken of monster

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

in the demo the security door lockdown isn't active, it's for latter in the game. The terminals that are locked on the crew members quarters are in the full game as lore drops and story, in the demo they are nothing. The doctor's office terminal code can be found in his office if you explore his office more. Particularly the painting on the wall.

WOW, I can hardly wait! O.O