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how do i reset game? how do i restart.

you should add practice mode or something

what now?

the golden source will prevail!

is the owner of this game serious?

thank you for making the game, your a legend!!

I had a dream about this game, it was scary it had alot of puzzle plat forms and doors and elevators

cool game I want to play at some point


please update!!!

PLEASE FIX GAME HAS ALOT OOF BUGS 1st it goes black secound i can't move and plus it needs restart button, doesnt even have sound or fire animation.

how do i  play what are controls??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

why is nobody interested anymore?? very sad!!!

looks cool have you made any other games etc 
also no one made a video about game so I don't know if I want to play or not

WOW cool, nice.

so is this  still in demo? or added full game and end or just second part?

yep this is crazy hard to make a game, the only thing I can do is connect my brain up and edit memory and data/pixel manipulation which should work better

DANG IT< coding is not simple enough I can't even make a game if its goning to be this, hard, it will take me days to make a game.
or even years>
if you played hamumu games, you will understand, its much easier to use a game maker and do all the coding for you then to use this
if anyone wants to make a game with me pleas let me know

no it didn't, when I say I already tried that, it means it didn't work for mean after I tried it

HELLO? i went to see you pro is that from an anime or a meme? its sad but funny how you worded it

I did that

here is daniel prisoner of acutistic guitari 

hey guys I made some new things.

is replacement commentary any good?

updated: the sauce   this what you have to find and catch and watch out as well

UPDATE: new art talon the gallon, he can hole any type of liqud you can think of, and is named 1 gallon if you collect some with it, also he has hockey stick arm and them flame thrower arm/spray/blaster etc. and can hover/fly.

what? please explain, the trex shaped sword in the wall destroyer sounds cool Community » Game Development » Devlogs · Created a new topic mr micer

hello this game will be about mr micer a person who is trying to save the world from acutistic guitari

and his evil plan: cook my brew >:). and he will try to capture mice and their houses and put sauce in them and in his brew.

here are some stuff you can have a look at, btw full version will be free, you can help me with this if you like.

    also the robot is acutistic guitari   mr micer is not the mice and the green stuff is sauce/acid

here is the sound file i made for explosion
and here is link  to download file to see how my game work above

LOOL i liked this, i remember playing this as the 1st thing i did on 

kerlin is also a mad scientist that want the earth for himself and he has a spacestation

hey can you add a bad guy to this game? i have big ideas and i think i could help with devloment for the game, i can remember over 100 dreams i had, and the scary monster would be shadow man and a person called kerlin, he is bald ,whears work suit and all his hair is spikes so he has spike come out of his head and then back in and he also has a shaved beard etc

wow awesome game, is there cheats? or cheatable? can you please give mininuim and recommened specs for the game?

i couldn't find out what the code was all i know there was two dates one for a birth day and one for when photo was taken of monster

oh ok can i have codes to the terminal and security door lock down?

well how did you fix yours? do you use windows 10, you should join the discord server for hamumu

thanks, what about profiles? everytime i create or want to delte it creates more or it reset the one with memory and i have to start all over again

thank,s im wondering if there is a new update out yet?

thank's i fixed the problem

some should make remake or addon, hopefully can play as loony or as doctor lunatic that would be cool