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oh ok what are best settings for it?

ummm what is game about????

i hope i can get an update and alternatives

so hows it going?

is it a good game?

will there be a number 2?

well that game was short. 

this game needs a number 2!

some reason the game get stuck with e button right up to gate at top after fighting rock

is the steam version update to date as well? or???

cant believe i was the first one to post! 10 months ago

did you fix it?

ok poopa!

yeah its unfinished

when update???


is this game good?

is this game turned based????

is there only 1 ending?

WOAH you are very good at this art! I think you help me make a game! I can provide the art I made and also you could even help create something new for it?

its on my deviantart, i call one of them mr micer,gugarg etc

where is video??????

overall its okay, could better. The last level is way too hard

will there be a number two????

ok i guees, i hope to see someone do gameplay


wheres video?

that video was epic! i followed i hope to see more in the future

wow its my past life!

oh good!

how do you scan creatures???

i have questions why is this now free? ive paid for the game before so i dont need to download again away, just a question

dam this game needs an update its wayy tooo hard plus its very buggy it wont shoot!

it got very hard on level 11 and 12

same too hard

got very hard at squirrel part

this game is way to hard

i cant seem to be able to progress, i kept being told i need to go back so i dont get lost