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wheres video?

that video was epic! i followed i hope to see more in the future

wow its my past life!

oh good!

how do you scan creatures???

i have questions why is this now free? ive paid for the game before so i dont need to download again away, just a question

dam this game needs an update its wayy tooo hard plus its very buggy it wont shoot!

it got very hard on level 11 and 12

same too hard

got very hard at squirrel part

this game is way to hard

i cant seem to be able to progress, i kept being told i need to go back so i dont get lost


anyone made a video on game? screen shots would be nice

anyone played yet?

wow hd version of cogmind!

idk how to explain but the atmosphere feels like its ancient forgotten tech cool game btw

somethings not right with this game, would like some answers

very cool


if not then i make video about it

hello has this been finished yet???

will recharge rooms be fixed?

looks like timespinner

help two player doesnt work

please fix

is there a way i can remote view or play with an ps3 controllers?

when online multiplayer? 


controller support??

cant believe this exists! so nostalgic and sad at the same time, so much memories and life bulit into this, it like reaching for paradise itself yet never there.

MAN WHAT IS THIS UNIVERSE is it a matrix or??

what the beep! WHO ARE YOU

full game when?

cant play it says my bowser doesnt support it??, please make download!

i cant wait that is great news!

im on windows 10, 1943x1300

ive set it to 800x900 yet resizing doesnt move the text box to fix the screen, the bottom text box that appears in character select

HELP I CANNOT PLAY! the screen doesnt fit no matter what resolution i set it too, i cannot presss options n stuff because of that text box in the way!

wow lol can't believe this game exists! its been revived and ressurected!

oh ok

SOOOO when is game out???