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A jam entry

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A bizzare escape attempt story from bizarre facility site
Submitted by richter_h (@richter_h_) with 2 hours, 1 minute before the deadline

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RPG Maker VXAve

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Just played this game - I had to, it is SCP-related!

Aside from the very small resolution window, this game is enjoyable! The SCP-styled memos were a nice touch. It is a bit strange that you run across so many clones of the same samples all throughout the facility though (aren't they supposed to be unique?), but I get that time is a limited commodity for this contest and I am sure choices had to be made. 

The different effects of the samples were interesting and clever, especially the confusion/disorientation. Sample 1 is definitely a pain in the butt, but you can actually outrun him if you know where you're going.

With more time and polish, this game could shine brightly. There are many, sooo many opportunities for additional samples with unique effects, to create more tense situations, and make a more complex atmosphere. But thus far, great job!


Yep, SCP is the biggest influence of this game, although we've made some workarounds to accomodate the engine's capabilities and available resources. 

About the Samples, actually there are many kind of them but we just stick with several Samples, with Sample01, Sample02 and Sample03 take the prominent appearance in this entry. If you walk your way towards Generator room, you'll meet another Sample which has different form and interactions. Something along the lines, yes. 

After all, thanks for sharing your thoughts about this game.

Thrilling. Soo creepy. Much spook.

I hate Sample01.


You'll hate Sample09 more, I can assure