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Thrilling. Soo creepy. Much spook.

I hate Sample01.

Prize already received. Thank you.

Okay,  gonna wait for that~

After one hour and 15 minutes of playing the game, I can give some list:

  • The naration is good, I like it.
  • On the second map, outside Quain's house in the tutorial battle is missing the battle background.
  • The Widowmaker enemy could make my wife a widow with how high it's damage for an early dungeon (good thing I don't have a wife). One is already challenging and when two pops out... welp.
  • Because of the Widowmaker, some grinding is necessary. Around LV 3 before entering the first dungeon, get LV 5 to "safely" pass to the cave area. L V8~9 is the time where we can blast the monsters easily.
  • The mapping is good, except the interior map where there're some blank and dark squares. It's look awkward. I know that the wall and wall-top tile didn't give a good passability. We can to use paralax mapping to make it looks like our player is behind the wall, but we can't use it in this jam.
  • Quain's Flame Lash skill can be "used" out of battle without giving any effect... except the loss of MP. It also didn't gives 2 turn of damage and bind as the skill describe. You might want to set the "Bind" state auto-removal timing at turn end,  and duration in turns at 3 ( 1 at the casting time, and 2 for next 2 turns).
  • Some events are missing, namely player transfer event. Like in Solde Village where I can enter the NPC's house, but I can exit, and in The Tower. There're three swithces in the tower to open the big door, but after I activate all the switch and the door opens, I can't go past it. Yes, I'm stuck at The Tower first floor.
  • The water portal at Shaefir's temple, have the event's Direction Fix checked? Because the graphic is missing when I check it.

Well, those are what I find while playing the game. Hope you can make this one better!

Characters LV limit is intended from the start, because the game is short and have no need for further exploration (after final boss is defeated). I have finished balancing the enemy, although the outcome still not balanced enough. Maybe if I develop this game again I will make the LV limit increase based on how far the story goes (assuming this game is still in "Chapter 1", LV 20 limit is enough, I think).

I will think more about this LV limits. Thanks.

Thanks for the review. A square based map is not really good to the eyes I see. I will keep it in my mind for the next project. The Village map is build with simplicity in mind, but then somehow it ended looking like that. I put level limit on the characters so they didn't become over-powered and can defeat the boss easily.

Not really much from me:

  • The early battles are well balanced, then when we enter the Magistrate Ambassador's Mansion area, Boom! The enemies health sky-rocketed. A long minions battle is not really good, especially when you want to level grind.
  • Yes, we do know saving is very important in RPG, but there are just too many save point in this game. I remember like, there're three save points in the royalty castle. Also somehow after the event at the castle, I lost the ability to save "everywhere on world map".
  • The event that acces Marsha cutscene didn't erased after the event. I backtracked because, "Hey, this map is huge!" and ended at her cutscene location, only to be trapped there.
  • Can I suggest for names, or "next quest" to be colored differently. So some player that love to skimming the text (like me) know where to pay attention.

That's all. I hope this game can be a good one when completed. Good luck!

Okay after a short gameplay...

  • Short, simple, minimalistic, straightforward, and with a twist. I should've writing this while drinking tea.
  • The cliche and the trope, and how the NPCs are so "casual" about them. I'm amused enough.
  • At first I thought the enemies are not well balanced. Then I found out we can clear the game with only one fight.
  • No EXP gains, no gold gains, I only buy 2 loaf of breads and a cap. Also I can't sleep on "my own house" to restore health, then back to the point above.

Overall, a good game that can be enjoyed while drinking a cup of tea, literally. I hope you can make another game with more content!

I played this game around 2 hours, and managed to rack up the blacksmith stats to 56 and fame to 3.

  • The quest indicator, I like it.
  • There's some typos, and maybe grammar mistakes. I'm not a native speaker, so I can't correctly say which.
  • The plot seems progressed a bit too fast for me.
  • After Lerak become a blacksmith and have to increase his skill and fame to impress The King, there could be some more info about mining and other materials gathering. I see the ores are respawned at some set of interval, and me, somehow manages to exhaust all the ores (cooper and iron) there. Because I don't see the ores respawning after some travels, I decided to become a lumberjack for like 30 mins, gathering woods, sell them and buying other ores.
  • The selling price, like the Copper Glove, it needs 575Tal to be made, while the selling price is 225Tal (I assume the buying price on the shop is 450Tal?). "Ain't we losin' cash 'ere?" I think in broken grammar. Maybe you can make a special NPC that buy the crafted Item from the player. That NPC can buy the crafted item at the price of for example (production cost + 5Tal). Not really much yeah, but when we make something, we expecting some profit, yeah?
  • Every cafted items give same stat increase based only from its' rarity. Then I only need to focus on making Copper Boots and Iron Dagger then! I don't think this 500 points can be reached in one sitting. I recommend giving each type of equipment different stat increasing value, or selling price. The rarity can be set as bonus, like normal give +0, while Rare give +1 bonus.

I haven't finished the game, not even reaching a  quarter of that 500 points milestone, but these are what I can grasp for those 2 hours of game play.

Thanks for the game, and will waiting for another games!

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Oh wait... Is that intended as some puzzle? "Do NOT Enter", while actually you should hit enter.

I can't go down (transfer to ther map)  on the second map, which has "Do NOT Enter" sign. I'm playing on browser. Could it be becsuse of my slow internet connection?

What my impression about this game:

  • A characters select option! I thought there's different plot with different character, but it's not.
  • The map is not to many, yes,  but it's look plain and not "lively" nor dinamyc.
  • The title is "Wit & Wisdom", but the questions aren't in my filed f expertise, so google then.
  • The answer we gave didn't satisfy the older resident(s), then they became kinda angry and "here's come the brawl!". After some brawls and if you survive,  you automatically become the heir- but what about your sibling?

The game can be improved, like the answer for each question can be found somehwere around the mansion. The example, like in a library or after doing some chores from non main-quest-NPC. For the fight(s), you can add some spice like buff, debuff, and skills. Consider adding maybe some extra-equipments, accessory or gear (that the player can get via chores) as a preparation for the brawl(s).

That's all for me. Hoping you can make an awesome game next time!

I see epilogue, then fight the slime, then... what should I do next?

Yes, the second dog (Black Wolf) is a fixed event, the player only have to run straight down to escape it. I should set a common event that gave hint when the player is caught/game over is it? Noted. The performance issue doesn't appear until the fourth dog for my case. If I can make this into a full game, I will separate  the "one map" into (per challenge) several smaller ones to reducing the "just-too-many-events-in-a-single-map". I'm sorry for the poor grammar. Next time I will ask a native speaker.

Thanks for the inputs.

My bad, I need to work on making riddles for the player. About the unsatisfatcory ending, actually there's no clear ending at all. It's just hit me after I read your comment. "I need to convey to the player that this game has reached it's goal, not only 'Thanks for playing' message".

Thank you for the Inputs.

I'm really sorry about the bad performance. I think (actually, I'm pretty sure) the frame rates drop happened because of I put just too many events on a single Map. Visual Tutorials... noted.  Thank you for the inputs.

I'm targeting to submit my game at 9 August (GMT+7)