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After one hour and 15 minutes of playing the game, I can give some list:

  • The naration is good, I like it.
  • On the second map, outside Quain's house in the tutorial battle is missing the battle background.
  • The Widowmaker enemy could make my wife a widow with how high it's damage for an early dungeon (good thing I don't have a wife). One is already challenging and when two pops out... welp.
  • Because of the Widowmaker, some grinding is necessary. Around LV 3 before entering the first dungeon, get LV 5 to "safely" pass to the cave area. L V8~9 is the time where we can blast the monsters easily.
  • The mapping is good, except the interior map where there're some blank and dark squares. It's look awkward. I know that the wall and wall-top tile didn't give a good passability. We can to use paralax mapping to make it looks like our player is behind the wall, but we can't use it in this jam.
  • Quain's Flame Lash skill can be "used" out of battle without giving any effect... except the loss of MP. It also didn't gives 2 turn of damage and bind as the skill describe. You might want to set the "Bind" state auto-removal timing at turn end,  and duration in turns at 3 ( 1 at the casting time, and 2 for next 2 turns).
  • Some events are missing, namely player transfer event. Like in Solde Village where I can enter the NPC's house, but I can exit, and in The Tower. There're three swithces in the tower to open the big door, but after I activate all the switch and the door opens, I can't go past it. Yes, I'm stuck at The Tower first floor.
  • The water portal at Shaefir's temple, have the event's Direction Fix checked? Because the graphic is missing when I check it.

Well, those are what I find while playing the game. Hope you can make this one better!


Thanks for that! Yes everyone is complaining about the widowmaker enemy - even myself! I thought "man, this enemy is really OP for it's level..." but decided to include it anyways... as far as the 2x widowmaker... yeah... didn't think that one through lol. I'll be honest, dev mistake!

You weren't able to get past the tower? Hmm, when I did my checks, everything worked fine and I didn't change anything... I dunno what's wrong with it. I'll have to look at it again. The 2nd floor is where I imagined people would get hung up because you have to flip a specific amount of switches and then pull a lever at 2 points in the puzzle... but you weren't even able to access it, so that sucks.

I wasn't aware of so many eventing mistakes/bugs! I didn't really have time to thoroughly check each map for everything (wish I did, the end game dungeons are pretty neat, as are some of the skills!)  but I appreciate you going through and finding so many errors! I can fix the game and then re-upload the new version after the game jam!

Okay,  gonna wait for that~