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Chronicles of TamriaView game page

Chapter One of this Sci-Fi Epic RPG
Submitted by Troct (@Troctzul) — 1 day, 14 hours before the deadline

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I am disappointed:
- The plot is good at first, but further it dissappeared
- Why do you give player the opportunity to change the name, if it remains the same?
- Many scripts are not closed, for example, the first battle with slime, two scripts are force redirecting the character after slime has been defeated
- After I got a boat, I did not understand where to go further. I swam everywhere, but didn't find the right way...


Thank you so much for playing and the feedback. I have corrected the redirect events in my version, as I forgot to add a stop page after the monster is defeated. The area with the ship was mostly intended to be the end of the demo, but I did go a little further. I intend to add either an ability that details what to do next, or add tips to the save points. Hope you decide to continue to follow production!


Will you do something with character name change option? I'am mean about the name, it doesn't change at all.


That I am looking into... it would seem that it is an issue with MV as it should automatically make the change. Didn't do anything special but use the Name Input option. I will test it out today and see what may be going wrong.


Not really much from me:

  • The early battles are well balanced, then when we enter the Magistrate Ambassador's Mansion area, Boom! The enemies health sky-rocketed. A long minions battle is not really good, especially when you want to level grind.
  • Yes, we do know saving is very important in RPG, but there are just too many save point in this game. I remember like, there're three save points in the royalty castle. Also somehow after the event at the castle, I lost the ability to save "everywhere on world map".
  • The event that acces Marsha cutscene didn't erased after the event. I backtracked because, "Hey, this map is huge!" and ended at her cutscene location, only to be trapped there.
  • Can I suggest for names, or "next quest" to be colored differently. So some player that love to skimming the text (like me) know where to pay attention.

That's all. I hope this game can be a good one when completed. Good luck!


Thank you so much for playing! Yeah, I was working on balancing out the enemies but then the time was up so I had to turn in what I had lol. I will make sure to fix the cut scene and save ability for sure! Save points are there mainly for testing and can be removed before final release.  Hopefully will add plugins later that will display character names in important text. 


Within the first few moments I thought this game was well polished and very well balanced. As soon as I finished the first part I was lost and confused on where to go admitably because I forgot what the royalty said, but once I did find my way the orcs were overpowered and the debuffs were making the other foes do 0 damage so it wasn't as balanced as it initially was. The more I played the more I realized how weak and ineffective the skills were and how much HP the enemies had. I can't say much because my game has the same issues...

The boss battle sort of dragged on because it could continue to bring up it's defense. I liked the beginning of the game regardless, but the battles weren't as good as they initially were. Did you feel the same of my game?


True, the game is incomplete, and I made sure to mark that in the upload on the game page. I had obviously bigger ambitions than the time frame allowed, but it is a learning experience for us all. My intention is to complete the project over the coming weeks for a mid November release date. Thank you for playing, and best of luck! I honestly did like your game and it was something different from the usual RPG Maker game.

Thank you and good luck!