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Dear RPG Makers, I'am really sorry for a huge bug in our project. To fix it please download and repalce  CommonEvents.json in The Curse of the King Balrog\www\data folder.

I'am really sorry for that.

I did't recieve your friend request in Discord ( How did you choose prizes if I didn't say you what i want(

I have asked if is different or not, but I don't selected it as my prize((

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Hey wait a minute I didn't select VX package

I sent you email)

14. Another package, just like 13.

It is the same as #13 or I can choose something from Rpg Maker MV?)

Ok. I will be waiting for my turn)

I just wanted to understand how prizes were judged. Still I have got a nice expirience for the my second project. Thank you for this contest)

So all rating calculated from Enjoyment. Am I right?

I don't get it...

But how the Troct is the 1st? If I have the higest score, highest average score.

Or it is calc from something esle not from the score?

Can you tell me how did you calculate the results?

Forgot to say that ore and wood respawn time around 3 real minutes)

Oh my... forgot to make a variable for faces -_- I will check all dialogs today and fix it. Thanks for playing my game)

Will you do something with character name change option? I'am mean about the name, it doesn't change at all.

Slime didn't disappear after you won.

Why do you make this project for the contest? What do you want to show?

Even the simple RPG game you can make for a couple of days work.

I don't know how to rate it, because there is nothing here...

You didn't have enough time to balance?

Nice work you did

- Simple but a good plot

- Cool looking puzzles

- Everything is simple and clear to understand

- Don't do so huge and square maps please, it is terrible

- Don't limit characters level, all battes lost their sense and become boring.

- And I can't say that first map is beautiful, these houses. They reminded me The lord of the rings )

I am disappointed:
- The plot is good at first, but further it dissappeared
- Why do you give player the opportunity to change the name, if it remains the same?
- Many scripts are not closed, for example, the first battle with slime, two scripts are force redirecting the character after slime has been defeated
- After I got a boat, I did not understand where to go further. I swam everywhere, but didn't find the right way...

Thanks for playing my game)

English is not my first language so grammar mistakes can be found in text.

I discover the contest too late, so I had only one week to create and do something.  So I managed to do everything at a minimum time and quickly. 

Fame can be increased by the creating iron weapons. When you reach 500 points and go to the king there will be a message about end of demo version)

I mean about enemys, when I get to the hills I died after a couple of fights. You should add some starting gold and a few potions for HP and MP.  If I have had aroud 5 HP/MP potions at start I would get further.

The red-haired dude stay on same place after his dialog. When I went down nothing happened.

I don't understand for what all these questions? I'm not well know about society rules for girl, so it was a little bit uncomfortable for me.

Good instructions, cool story but the balance ruined everything...

This is a nice and short story)

Stuck on the second map. A redhair dude does not allow to pass, and I didn't find any other ways to go further.