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A jam submission

The Story of a Great BlacksmithView game page

Choose your Blacksmith destiny
Submitted by Korinohime — 15 hours, 48 minutes before the deadline

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I didn't finish this, but I like where it's headed.

Also, some messages show Lerak's younger face pic after he becomes a blacksmith.


Oh my... forgot to make a variable for faces -_- I will check all dialogs today and fix it. Thanks for playing my game)


I played this game around 2 hours, and managed to rack up the blacksmith stats to 56 and fame to 3.

  • The quest indicator, I like it.
  • There's some typos, and maybe grammar mistakes. I'm not a native speaker, so I can't correctly say which.
  • The plot seems progressed a bit too fast for me.
  • After Lerak become a blacksmith and have to increase his skill and fame to impress The King, there could be some more info about mining and other materials gathering. I see the ores are respawned at some set of interval, and me, somehow manages to exhaust all the ores (cooper and iron) there. Because I don't see the ores respawning after some travels, I decided to become a lumberjack for like 30 mins, gathering woods, sell them and buying other ores.
  • The selling price, like the Copper Glove, it needs 575Tal to be made, while the selling price is 225Tal (I assume the buying price on the shop is 450Tal?). "Ain't we losin' cash 'ere?" I think in broken grammar. Maybe you can make a special NPC that buy the crafted Item from the player. That NPC can buy the crafted item at the price of for example (production cost + 5Tal). Not really much yeah, but when we make something, we expecting some profit, yeah?
  • Every cafted items give same stat increase based only from its' rarity. Then I only need to focus on making Copper Boots and Iron Dagger then! I don't think this 500 points can be reached in one sitting. I recommend giving each type of equipment different stat increasing value, or selling price. The rarity can be set as bonus, like normal give +0, while Rare give +1 bonus.

I haven't finished the game, not even reaching a  quarter of that 500 points milestone, but these are what I can grasp for those 2 hours of game play.

Thanks for the game, and will waiting for another games!


Thanks for playing my game)

English is not my first language so grammar mistakes can be found in text.

I discover the contest too late, so I had only one week to create and do something.  So I managed to do everything at a minimum time and quickly. 

Fame can be increased by the creating iron weapons. When you reach 500 points and go to the king there will be a message about end of demo version)


Forgot to say that ore and wood respawn time around 3 real minutes)