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Nice work you did

- Simple but a good plot

- Cool looking puzzles

- Everything is simple and clear to understand

- Don't do so huge and square maps please, it is terrible

- Don't limit characters level, all battes lost their sense and become boring.

- And I can't say that first map is beautiful, these houses. They reminded me The lord of the rings )

Thanks for the review. A square based map is not really good to the eyes I see. I will keep it in my mind for the next project. The Village map is build with simplicity in mind, but then somehow it ended looking like that. I put level limit on the characters so they didn't become over-powered and can defeat the boss easily.

You didn't have enough time to balance?


Characters LV limit is intended from the start, because the game is short and have no need for further exploration (after final boss is defeated). I have finished balancing the enemy, although the outcome still not balanced enough. Maybe if I develop this game again I will make the LV limit increase based on how far the story goes (assuming this game is still in "Chapter 1", LV 20 limit is enough, I think).

I will think more about this LV limits. Thanks.