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I am disappointed:
- The plot is good at first, but further it dissappeared
- Why do you give player the opportunity to change the name, if it remains the same?
- Many scripts are not closed, for example, the first battle with slime, two scripts are force redirecting the character after slime has been defeated
- After I got a boat, I did not understand where to go further. I swam everywhere, but didn't find the right way...

Thank you so much for playing and the feedback. I have corrected the redirect events in my version, as I forgot to add a stop page after the monster is defeated. The area with the ship was mostly intended to be the end of the demo, but I did go a little further. I intend to add either an ability that details what to do next, or add tips to the save points. Hope you decide to continue to follow production!


Will you do something with character name change option? I'am mean about the name, it doesn't change at all.


That I am looking into... it would seem that it is an issue with MV as it should automatically make the change. Didn't do anything special but use the Name Input option. I will test it out today and see what may be going wrong.