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Not really much from me:

  • The early battles are well balanced, then when we enter the Magistrate Ambassador's Mansion area, Boom! The enemies health sky-rocketed. A long minions battle is not really good, especially when you want to level grind.
  • Yes, we do know saving is very important in RPG, but there are just too many save point in this game. I remember like, there're three save points in the royalty castle. Also somehow after the event at the castle, I lost the ability to save "everywhere on world map".
  • The event that acces Marsha cutscene didn't erased after the event. I backtracked because, "Hey, this map is huge!" and ended at her cutscene location, only to be trapped there.
  • Can I suggest for names, or "next quest" to be colored differently. So some player that love to skimming the text (like me) know where to pay attention.

That's all. I hope this game can be a good one when completed. Good luck!


Thank you so much for playing! Yeah, I was working on balancing out the enemies but then the time was up so I had to turn in what I had lol. I will make sure to fix the cut scene and save ability for sure! Save points are there mainly for testing and can be removed before final release.  Hopefully will add plugins later that will display character names in important text.