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What my impression about this game:

  • A characters select option! I thought there's different plot with different character, but it's not.
  • The map is not to many, yes,  but it's look plain and not "lively" nor dinamyc.
  • The title is "Wit & Wisdom", but the questions aren't in my filed f expertise, so google then.
  • The answer we gave didn't satisfy the older resident(s), then they became kinda angry and "here's come the brawl!". After some brawls and if you survive,  you automatically become the heir- but what about your sibling?

The game can be improved, like the answer for each question can be found somehwere around the mansion. The example, like in a library or after doing some chores from non main-quest-NPC. For the fight(s), you can add some spice like buff, debuff, and skills. Consider adding maybe some extra-equipments, accessory or gear (that the player can get via chores) as a preparation for the brawl(s).

That's all for me. Hoping you can make an awesome game next time!


I admit, there was a -lot- more that was to be added, but illness and a day job killed a lot of my time and I rushed to get -something- finished. After the judging's over, I may sit down and add the cut content and make it make way more sense.

Thanks for the feedback! Much appreciated.