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Much appreciated, mate.

Much appreciated :D

Thanksies, nir!

It's hard to not touch the game project, so I need to divert myself to something else. I'll be back into dev soon, no worries.

Thanks, nir. 

Also, it's not a big surprise; this is a recap of everything have been done and most of them were posted in several discord servers. So, yeah.

Thank you

Yeah, the project brings back memories of several years ago. We have been separated as the time goes on, but I'm taking the opportunity to actually bring this project to the world and give a remark for those who were involved in the project. It deserves more attention and remarks than it had gotten.

Also, thanks, mate.
P.S.: Your name is still in there

Yep, SCP is the biggest influence of this game, although we've made some workarounds to accomodate the engine's capabilities and available resources. 

About the Samples, actually there are many kind of them but we just stick with several Samples, with Sample01, Sample02 and Sample03 take the prominent appearance in this entry. If you walk your way towards Generator room, you'll meet another Sample which has different form and interactions. Something along the lines, yes. 

After all, thanks for sharing your thoughts about this game.

Hello there Mark. Thanks for the comment; my friends have seen this and they agreed about the screen and the sprites. Anyway, we decided to stick with default VXA resolution because of time constraint, as both you and I have acknowledged with it.

Also, many thanks to you.

You'll hate Sample09 more, I can assure

Thanks a lot.

Yes, the inspirations mostly came from SCP, but we added some twists on every Samples (partially because of the workarounds made as the development goes on). Some information in the H-Pads are meant to not be accurate, too, as you can see when finding one containing Sample03. Also, Theo (the coder of this project) wanted to add more flavor into the game, but since the game was meant to be developed in less than a month, we haven't added it yet.

Glad to see you like the game. Once again, thanks a lot.


It was made in RPG Maker VX