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Hey thanks :D we are glad! We will upload the upgraded version of this demo with the second chapter soon!

We aim to create a high-quality game using RPG Maker. To "clean" the tool name and show everyone it's possible to craft something good using a simple tool like RPG Maker :)

Hey Levont :) thanks a lot! We hope this new game gets some attention haha!

Hey there! Yes it's RPG Maker MV but with A LOT of work on graphics, artworks and music. Basically we use "parallax mapping" techniques to create those maps you can see :) Photoshop and similar stuff. It's a bit more "closed" compared to Unity of course, but it's more user-friendly if (like me) you can't code haha

Hello Sodacoma! Really nice work, but i have a question: why i can't find any interior house tiles? :( it's weird

Thank you RockzBarik! We are glad to see someone still play our very first game released! If interested, you can check our new game in development! It's going to be a REAL improvement! Check it out! 

Wonderful work, i'm simply AMAZED to see how this game can bring back Game Boy Color age. This is what i call a good work!

Thank you very much for playing and enjoying the game! Feel free to write me at with a screenshot of your final items, and i will guide you personally ;) Thanks again!

yes right :) as "Special Items" i mean all those collectibles videogame references. Those are needed to unlock the true ending!

you're welcome! If you want post here your complete feedback about the game when you finish it :D The next days i will release also a "guide" for special items, so it's easier to achieve the TRUE ending :)

New version (1.0.3) uploaded! Download it and everything should be fine :)

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Thank you for appreciating the game! Can you please tell me the name of the error (or send the error screen) so i can figure out the problem? First time it happens :o really strange! The e-mail for bugfix is

definitely :) stay tuned for next updates so you always have the latest version of the game :) thanks again! It's good to see my work appreciated

thanks again for appreciating the game :D i'm trying to improve a lot with RPG Maker MV as i'm not that great programmer or something XD but i'll definitely do anything i can to improve the game

UPDATE - bug found, i will fix it for the next release (coming tomorrow) but if you want you can still play: just avoid pressing any directional button during that scene and everything should work fine :) let me know if everything works!

Thank you SO MUCH for appreciating the game :) i'm working hard these days to solve any bug or strange thing, and this one is the first time that happens! I will take a look to see if there is any error around, but i hope you saved before so maybe you can give it another try :)