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Greetings everyone!

For Pixel Game Maker MV Summer Jam 2020 we released a short spin-off of our main series.

Game Page:

Timothy and the Strange Holidays is a short and enjoyable experience with 4 different mini-games and mechanics.

Stealth, shooting, action and adventure!

Please consider to try the game and vote for it!

Feedbacks and comments are highly appreciated :)

Always wonderful to see you here! Thanks!

Thanks for your reply! :D

Hahah thanks Baz! Thank you for your help and for making Timothy a PGMMV icon :D


I would like to ask if we are allowed to update builds.

In my case there is a issue regarding Playstation-style joypads. It's already solved but I wanted to ask before updating :)

Thank you for your time!

I will update the build ASAP with the correct controls :) i found the issue! I'll warn you here when the new build is up!

Thank you very much! Yes my first idea was to put inside some mini-games with a "main mission" to end everything :D and thanks for your feedback too!

Are you using a Playstation joypad?

Tried and loved! :D goooood work guys!

Hey there :D well that's the beginning haha you should get at least the first 10 ones, then buy a item at the shop and start to join competitions! That way you can win more coconuts in less time

Thank you SO much for your comment! We have some big news on the way about this game :) please have a little more patience and we will reveal everything

Thank you very much! Please feel free to follow the development of our game on our social networks! We will post constant updates ;)

The public ratings are about to close and we wanted to shout a big THANK YOU!

Thanks to everyone who played our demo.

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedbacks, to everyone who appreciated our game, to everyone who gave us advices and help.

Timothy and the Tower of Mu is in development and we have a long road ahead. This road will lead to the full game release as soon as possible, with the highest quality level we can offer.

Prepare yourself for a great, dangerous adventure!

Take a quick look at one of the upcoming new enemies :D

For any information, request or even a simple chat please feel free to join our Discord server:

We hope to see you soon!

-- Kibou Entertainment team --

Thanks for your feedback! And yes, we need to polish this game a lot! I would love to make the character more nimble and to add some actions :) we are developing right now new areas (so more variety in the enviroments ^_^) and new interesting mechanics you will certainly love!

Thank you very much Fedro! I'm glad to see our fans following on this new adventure with PGMMV :D

Thank you very much pal! Yes there is a lot to polish of course :) we will try to implement customizable keys to let each player have the perfect experience! Thanks again and stay tuned for the development progress :D

Hey there! Thanks for your accurate feedback, and it doesn't feel hard at all :D the game needs a lot of polishing for sure! As you mentioned, we did it in only one month (damn! Too bad i haven't discovered PGMMV earlier) but we are already working on it to continue the development :)

Thank you very much for your kind words :D

Woah thank you Abstract! Very kind of you to post here this solution :)

Thanks for your feedback. We are investigating this matter. Definitely weird because it worked for others. Please let us search for another fix.

Grazie :D primo commento in italiano hahaha

Thank you very much! And congratulations for your game in development, looks fun!

You're too kind! Thanks! We hope to deliver a wonderful final game :D and congratulations for your demo too! That cat is nice "as hell" :D haha

Thanks for your feedback! There are definitely a good number of things to fix hehehe keep in mind this was made in one month for this contest! But i'm glad you appreciate our game! Please consider voting for us on the contest page too :) we will do our best to fix everything and deliver a wonderful final game!

Oh damn this is more hard than other times :/ so you downloaded both DLL files and manually placed them?

No problem! Here's an alternative solution :) try this out

Hey there! Thanks for your message :) it's a common issue, you can solve it easily and play the game! Check HERE

Let us know if everything works!

Thanks for your clear reply :)

Hello again! We have published the page for the updated version! Please check it HERE!

IMPORTANT UPDATE - The official page for this project updates has been published HERE.

You can download the updated version and enjoy the experience with some bugs removed :) here's a short list of updates.


  • Fixed slight input-lag on jumps
  • Black crows (enemy) slowed down for difficulty balance

Thank you all for playing our game!

You're welcome! Prepare yourself for the complete game :D a big adventure awaits

You're a Belmont, after all! You're our kind of hero :D haha thank you very much!

Wonderful work! You're a great developer my friend :D

Very hard indeed :D thank you for voting!

Thank you for your feedback! We will definitely improve this experience for the final release!

I think the final results date is going to be changed mostly because of the Coronavirus situation. The contest started the last October but now the worldwide situation has changed dramatically. That means: no expo, no events for the next months so (maybe) the judges have more free time on their hands to evaluate.

Very kind of you, thanks! We will improve it a lot before releasing the final product, it's a promise :D

Thank you very much for your feedback! We already fixed that annoying input-lag thing but the full game will feature a lot more!

Thank you again :) i'm just sorry i had a small amount of time to polish everything and make this demo. I would have added the first dungeon and the first boss battle as well!