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The Mighty Palm

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Donezo Bunzo

Donezo Bunzo

I'm gonna say yes, because it's really no different than putting a cover art on the games download page. As long as it's disconnected from the game it shouldn't matter.

I'm glad you asked because I swear I've uploaded this twice now and it still says unavailable. Havent even thought about it.


Nope. But I am not against you commissioning anyone to edit my work or expand on it.

What a cute little game! Frustrating though that the monsters die when they touch me and not just when I touch them. Thank you for using the Mighty Pack!

Because I don't want to put up with Itch's payment methods, this is actually gonna be free. Along with the rest of my stuff.

you can use them however you like, my dude.


Not sure how else I'd get in touch, but I'm on the forums and check messages there pretty regularly.
I can't exactly put my discord or skype out in the open, but I'd be glad to talk about it and show you how I did it if you are that interested.

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Game has been updated. Bugs were fixed, stuff was added. Probably won't get updated again unless there is enough noise about it.

that IS a bummer and I'll look into it after the contest has ended. Although it shouldn't have overwritten you yet. The way autosave works is that it saves every time you enter or exit a dungeon, house, or cave (it also saves after getting a ring). So if you quit right after beating the boss, then you quit the game, you should be at the beginning of the dungeon as that'd be where you last autosaved. Assuming you didnt leave the dungeon. 
Single slot save was the only way to get auto save to work. Although now I'm seeing that multiple save slots might have been possible but only slot 1 would be auto-save. Might patch that in post contest also. As always thank you for telling me this, and thank you for playing my game!

I dig it. Cute, fun, the setting is nice, if I had to pick a few problems I'd say the healing flowers wounds was a little tedious, and one part in particular felt awkward to play (getting the red shard) but overall I'd give it a 8/10 and I'll almost certainly vote for it.

Geez how thorough were you in your bug hunt? You found a bug in just those three specific spaces? Thanks for telling me bout this. Can't fix it for another month and it's kind of off to the side but thanks nonetheless! Great work detective princess

Just a heads up, the audio on some tracks are a bit loud (Like the Overworld...). I now realise it's not because of a personal preference but because I forgot to set the default BGM level to 80 instead of 100 in the games settings. Too late to fix it now, but you can turn it down from the systems option in the pause menu. Normally I'm against this sort of telling you how to play the game thing but I'll make the exception for the sake of your ears.

I don't really want to say, since those two things might actually be connected in a way... but that's only half the riddle. It's the one somewhat cryptic secret I have and it's special. Keep on exploring and maybe you'll be the first to figure it out!

I'm gonna look into those cracks. As for the fire temple, you can pick up and throw your bombs to reach those switches. Dunno if it said that in the description of the item or maybe I completely forgot to mention it ingame, but there is a screenshot on the games page that shows the player carrying a bomb... 

Anyway I'll try and see if I can fix those problems in time

Thank you so much. The issue has been fixed, and the game will be re-uploaded with this error resolved later.

Hey this is very important infor and thank you so much, but can you please be more specific? What were you doing EXACTLY when the crash happened, and was there an error message or did the game just exit out, what happened? Can you replicate the crash or did it only happen once? anything you can tell me will allow me to fix it much sooner

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This is the (hopefully) final update for the Golden Pearl!

Unless anyone finds a game-breaker before the submission deadline, this should be the "true" version of the game, as I am not going to add anything from here on out.

Thank you so much for playing my game.

Thank you! Sorry the music wasn't suited to your ears, but now I'm glad I added the option to turn it off!

UPDATE: Game has undergone a few changes after testing and feedback.
It's a little different now.

Either leave feedback here, or PM me on discord.

or y'know whatever, don't give feedback at all if you don't wanna, I'm not your dad.