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As others have said, this is a great game! I enjoyed my time with it, but unfortunately I just encountered a game-breaking bug:

In the Fire Temple boss room, if you beat the boss then exit the way you came, the last door no longer leads to the ring room. Instead it leads to a room on the other side of the dungeon. Similarly, if you leave the ring room the way you came, it takes you elsewhere in the dungeon. Doing either of these things means you can never get to the ring room, which presumably means you can't beat the game. My guess would be there's a second copy of the boss room with no boss in it, and that one has the wrong transfer event?

Leaving the temple doesn't fix the issue. Exiting the game doesn't fix it either. This is a problem, as I exited to write this comment forgetting that the game auto-saves and has only one slot. On a related note, is the single save slot a necessity or stylistic choice? I'd prefer multiple, personally. Good game and I may start over another time, but obviously the glitch is a bummer.


that IS a bummer and I'll look into it after the contest has ended. Although it shouldn't have overwritten you yet. The way autosave works is that it saves every time you enter or exit a dungeon, house, or cave (it also saves after getting a ring). So if you quit right after beating the boss, then you quit the game, you should be at the beginning of the dungeon as that'd be where you last autosaved. Assuming you didnt leave the dungeon. 
Single slot save was the only way to get auto save to work. Although now I'm seeing that multiple save slots might have been possible but only slot 1 would be auto-save. Might patch that in post contest also. As always thank you for telling me this, and thank you for playing my game!