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Thank you for the constructive criticism, it's much appreciated. If you don't mind me asking, what do you feel the current menu is lacking? I understand your other criticisms like the icons, just trying to get as much info to improve on as possible. Best of luck to you as well.

Thanks so much for the feedback! Just to give credit where it's due, the enemies use some freely available art by Thalzon. If you're interested here's a link:

And thanks for the suggestion. You're right in that was something I had thought of if only I had more time, but it's good to know it's something people would want.

The first thing I like about this is it clearly has its own style. Though it made me smile, it wasn't incredibly hilarious or emotional. But the writing and tone felt unique in a way that a lot of other games don't manage.

The second thing I like about this is how it wrapped things up. Plenty of game jam games don't reach the end, and if they do it often feels rushed. Here we not only got a decent conclusion to the main story, we got little epilogues for all the minor characters as well. That's something I really appreciated. 

The battles were pretty standard and he whole thing was pretty short. But it was a simple story that accomplished what it set out to do and I'm glad I spent time on it. 

I had fun with this! The scavenging-and-upgrading gameplay is pretty appealing and the low numbers really let you feel the upgrades early on. The high difficulty at the start also helps with this, giving the feeling of slowly clawing your way into more difficult areas.

The biggest downside for me was combat balance. It starts out appropriately challenging, but it kept getting easier and really dropped in challenge at the end. Magic is extremely powerful and regenerates quickly, and the final weapons that give an extra hit are also pretty broken. I don't necessarily mind breezing through enemies, but I wish there was an optional boss or something so it didn't feel unnecessary to unlock the best gear and party members.

I had other minor issues, but they could mostly be explained by the short development period (stuff like skills/items with no descriptions, small number of areas, and an abrupt ending). It was still fun overall. If there were a sequel or similar game made in the future, I'd play it.

I'll echo what others said: This game is very pretty and has good atmosphere, but the combat is slow and unbalanced. In addition to re-balancing the enemies, I'd recommend starting the player off with either some skills or some gold to buy skills, just so everyone has more options than spam attack. The combat music also gets a bit repetitive, though that's a smaller problem.

Lastly, I encountered a bug when playing. When I'm in a dungeon and try to teleport out, I get the message "TypeError  Cannot read property 'stopSEmittance' of null". I get the same message when in trying to re-enter the dungeon from town, and only starting a new game fixed it.

It's not very fun now, but I'll probably come back later as it has a promising start. Good luck!

As others have said, this is a great game! I enjoyed my time with it, but unfortunately I just encountered a game-breaking bug:

In the Fire Temple boss room, if you beat the boss then exit the way you came, the last door no longer leads to the ring room. Instead it leads to a room on the other side of the dungeon. Similarly, if you leave the ring room the way you came, it takes you elsewhere in the dungeon. Doing either of these things means you can never get to the ring room, which presumably means you can't beat the game. My guess would be there's a second copy of the boss room with no boss in it, and that one has the wrong transfer event?

Leaving the temple doesn't fix the issue. Exiting the game doesn't fix it either. This is a problem, as I exited to write this comment forgetting that the game auto-saves and has only one slot. On a related note, is the single save slot a necessity or stylistic choice? I'd prefer multiple, personally. Good game and I may start over another time, but obviously the glitch is a bummer.

I played through the game and then returned to a previous save to see every true ending. I'll start with the good stuff.

The game has a fairly novel premise and is short enough that it remains engaging throughout. Colored lighting helped distinguish things visually and the panning transitions to flashbacks were pretty slick. It feels good when you can guess a clue through previous context.

On the other hand, it might just be that I missed something, but not all the clues felt intuitive. This was a problem, as they're one of the only points of player input in the game. The other is the final choice, which I found generally unsatisfying. The game admits that blame is a complicated situation, but doesn't really let you assign partial blame. You either murder someone or they get away with no consequence. In a related note, I couldn't get behind the protagonist. Their exchanges with the victim gave them a sort of implicit moral high ground I didn't think they deserved. Also heads up, I believe I found a bug. When you get the true endings and choose Ayanna it just plays Peter's ending with Savior standing backwards.

Overall, it was an interesting game. Not fantastic, but certainly not bad considering the time frame. If you ever make a similar game in the future I'd like to see more interactions in the detective-work stage, asking questions and gathering evidence. I think that's the most engaging part.

Thanks for playing my game, and thanks for spotting this bug. It's a sadly simple problem, the released version of the game is missing a sound file played only when you flee/escape a battle. Unfortunately as I understand it you can't upload any changes to a game, even bug fixes, until the judging period is over. In my own testing the prompt stopped if I exited the game and re-opened it, though it reappears if you try to escape again. If you don't want to deal with closing and re-opening every time you run, I completely understand. Thanks for the comment, I'll be sure to play your game later.