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I cried in the beginning. good story , and original fighting system, lovely art.

I love this game! maybe its because I like D&D, but I think this is so fun and could be played for hours.

Just wanted to tell you that I could not play the game, it failed to extract ever time I tried 4 times. Please hurry and re upload the game. I hope you read this in time.

Hello GalaxyNewsRadio, I was just wondering. Why are you so rude to every person you review. So far, this is the only game you said something good about. Have you ever made a game! Also, how can you write a review on a game you only play less than 20 minutes on. just saying, also you do not speak proper English and do not appreciate all the hard work some people have put into these games.


Thank you for your thoughts. 1, this is my first game and I made it in only 3 days. I'm new to this thing and I had to focus on my school.

"Certains of your maps are great."   What can I say! You need to take some time and spell correctly. If English is not your first language, than I understand why the dialogues may make no sense (not sens). I made this game for fun, and am not expecting to win anything. its just some random thing I made, because I did not want to do homework.

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I am sorry you disliked the game, but..

1. This is my first game

2. The game says in development, so all the problems you have I will be working on, hopefully before the judging.

3. One person made this game.

I thank you for your opinion. Thank you for taking the time to play my first game. I have watched both of your videos and am currently fixing all the problems you have encountered. I appreciate all you have told me and suggested. The truth is, I did not intend to win, but only wanted to try my hand at video game production. I made this game in 3 days, and I plan to to invest more time and energy into my next  games. 


Yeah, I had the same problem. the hearts area was like a whole lot bigger than the square, and I spent like 10 minutes on just one level thing. Still cool though. Also, its very similar to under tale. with the whole heart thing. other than that, original.

Um.. this looks like a cool game, but the rules say no adult themes. im not sure about the use of large breast, and cuss words.

I love this Game. I was like a child in a candy store. just running around spamming the action button on everything.

Touching  and Original story,  10/10. Hope you win the contest.