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A story about a young man named Dave Adventure, who does stuff.
Submitted by Labyor — 10 days, 9 hours before the deadline

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  • Cabbage for breakfast? Gross! This was pretty rough around the edges, but not without some charm. It helps that the story doesn’t take itself too seriously and the dungeons are pretty decent for a first game. There were a few errors here and there, the biggest one I saw being that the woman who asks you to find Little Timmy never reacts when you rescue him. Combat was balanced but got boring because it took so long for Dave and Delilah to learn any skills. I would also suggest adding more antidotes to find for the early sections since so many enemies poison you.

    Score: 45/80

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Oh god. What can I say? Certains of your maps are great. But, the intro, how you met others characters, and mostly all of the dialogues are none sens. I don't understand what going on, or where to go. I just randomly went in somes part of the big main map and did'nt really knew where  I was suppose to be. I think if it was a little bit more well made, it could have potential.


Thank you for your thoughts. 1, this is my first game and I made it in only 3 days. I'm new to this thing and I had to focus on my school.

"Certains of your maps are great."   What can I say! You need to take some time and spell correctly. If English is not your first language, than I understand why the dialogues may make no sense (not sens). I made this game for fun, and am not expecting to win anything. its just some random thing I made, because I did not want to do homework.


That explain a lot!