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No we spawn there after entering a house in another village.

No it was the house of the guy who dont want to be disturbed. Red hair.

That explain a lot!

I might not talk good enought for you, but I say proper advice for people to fix. If you're not happy, then just don't read my comments.

I just went down and it said that it stopped. Between the house.

It's good, but how we get character, it's a little bit random. They just... appear and join. Randomly.

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This game is really nice! I loved it! It's look like an old zelda game and it's really awesome. However, It just crashed when I was in the village and head up down. You should fix it!

Your game seem okay for now, but there's a bug where we enter a house and teleport in the wall. You should fix it.

I really don't know what was this Intro. It just pop out and you got attack. I don't really liked it, to be honest, because it's hard and it seem like there's no story or really hard to understand.

That was pretty short. I don't really know what happened. It's was more confusing than scary.

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You should change you text writting, quite hard to read. Also, I really don't know how I was feeling  during this game. It feel always like a loop. Make everything seems long and I don't feel like there's a point in it. I just could'nt play it more longer. 

Oh god. What can I say? Certains of your maps are great. But, the intro, how you met others characters, and mostly all of the dialogues are none sens. I don't understand what going on, or where to go. I just randomly went in somes part of the big main map and did'nt really knew where  I was suppose to be. I think if it was a little bit more well made, it could have potential.

The fight and the monster are great, however, it's hard to tell what going on, because it just went to game over after the ''Boss' and I did'nt know if it was a bug or not. I doubt you can say Fuck or Fucking. I don't think it's fit in the contest rules. And also.... Boobs.

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The music is crazy. I could't stand it at all. You're intro is weirdly made and I told myself not to judge to harsh, but its hard because in the ''Grand-Ma house'', I did'nt know where to go, there's no path to follow, I could'nt uderstand nothing. And hearing this organ music was impossible to concentrate.  You should do something.