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Sorry to hear about the Unity issue but glad you were able to find a work around. Hope it didn't dampen your spirit! Keep up the great work, I certainly look forward to it :)

Great game guys. Just the right length and challenge for an enjoyable labor day evening  :) Mari is adorable!

Very nice little puzzle game. I got stuck with the password until I restarted the game and had the aha! moment :)

What a wonderful surprise! I've been looking forward to this game for years, great job with the new engine.  It's a perfect combination of old school point 'n click adventure meets interactive fiction/visual novel  :) Can't wait for the release!

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I really enjoyed this! Reminded me a little of 'The Witness'. All in all a very, very nice little gem, well done! I do have one question though. Do the snowman, scarecrow, and Moai statue have any significance since we can move their heads?

Neat little game. I like the concept :)

I remember playing the original back when it first came out. Somehow I missed out on the 3D remake?! Glad I came across it in your feed, Very well done! I purchased it with a donation. It's not much but every little bit helps! You've given me hours of enjoyment over the years! I hope to be able to help out more with Being One 6!

Coming along very nicely! I liked the hidden password :) The story is becoming quite interesting as well. I already have a theory/idea of who the Being is :) Also those nano soldiers, was not expecting that at all, gave me a good jump! Keep up the great work!

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Cool, thanks for the hint I figured it out :) I enjoyed the puzzles, do you plan to extend it? I hope so!

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I'm really liking the way this is turning out. It will definitely be the best Being One by far! Thanks for the edition of mouse over text :) I always enjoyed the exploration of the previous titles.

Really nice game. I haven't gotten very far though. Stuck at the grid puzzle the note at the fountain hints about. Not sure where to get the numbers from since the grid is 8x8 while the number grid on the ground is 7x7. Any chance for a hint I'd really like to explore further!

Cool, I'm really liking the feel of this. The graphics and effects are very nice. The controls are nice and smooth as well. The alien/monster things caught me by surprise lol.

Nice, I was excited when I came across this! Another lovely little gem, great job :) I look forward to more games from you!

PS There is one bug I came across. When you get the handle (rope) and pick up the bucket of water. The empty basin below it changes to a full basin before you actually use the bucket of water on it. Then once you use the bucket of water on the basin you get the empty bucket but still have the bucket of water in your inventory. Hope that makes sense :)

Most welcome, I like what I hear and looking forward to it :)

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Awesome! Glad to see another Being One in development :) I've very much enjoyed all of your games over the years. But this series is definitely my favorite! I'm an old school fan of the slideshow/node/panorama style of gameplay but I also enjoy full 3D exploration. With Unity I can see this and future games becoming something even more amazing as well as attracting a larger audience!

The demo runs flawless for me on my laptop. Here are my specs: Windows 10 64bit with i5 5200 at 2.2GHz. Integrated Intel HD 5500 graphics, dedicated 1GB but shared up to 3GB. 6GB of ram. resolution 1366x768. Hope this helps :)

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An amazing short and sweet puzzle game. Well done!!! I look forward to future projects :)

p.s. The extra content was a nice touch!

Great game guys, I really enjoyed it!

I just finished it :) Great job on a nice little gem!

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A very nice game so far, but I seem to be stuck. How do I access the hedge maze to find the witch?