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Thank you :) 

The null error is just a small joke really. Its not an actual error box. You can sprint by holding down the X or shift key (from memory)

This was only a proof of concept. I may return to it sometime in the future but I'm currently knees deep in a bunch of other games at the moment.

it was made in a game engine called Adventure Game Studio 

My apologies about the translation, I didn't do it myself nor did I organize it, my publisher did "GrabTheGames". You will have to pass on your feedback to them so they can help fix any errors you may have come across.

That's great! I am working on a remastered version of "My Big Sister" and will be translated to Chinese also, just will take some time to work on it is all.


And more coming :) 
(Can't exactly say any other just yet as I have to wait to see who's available to translate )

Awesome! Thanks for playing, looking forward to seeing more :) 

Thank you very much for playing it! My plan is to remake Just Ignore Them but I want to do it right so it's being planned very carefully so it will be sometime before I can show off anything but it'll be worth the wait :) 

On her way to cover the biggest story of her career, Brea Tena fumbles her way into a dark mysterious town called Ash Pines, the birth place of the tragic events that took place in Just Ignore Them. Brea's Story is a prequel to my previous game Just Ignore Them, taking place right before her interaction's with Mark. This adventure game is heavily stylized after Hideo Kojima's classic title Snatcher and Snatcher SD, combining the two elements together to give you a more unique experience.

Tape/Part 1 now available! 

Just Ignore Them: Brea's Story

Try the demo for free!

Hello, thank you for playing and enjoying the demo! Ash Pines was set to be a sequel to Just Ignore Them but it was put on hold because of my other projects, it initially was designed for a Game Jam that I had run out of time for.  If you're looking for a true sequel, check out "Just Ignore Them: Brea's Story". Part 1 will be releasing tomorrow on both Game Jolt and on :) 

Thanks for playing, I have an updated version of the demo, it has some tweaks to the art and story as well as some minor improvements. :)

Thank you for the kind words and the video! Checking out now :) 

Join Ash on the journey of an afterlife-time! Travel through a mysterious spirit world filled with strange creatures, interesting characters, and memorable moments! Ash must find her way back home and save her sister from the powers that be. This game is a canon prequel to my previous games 'My Big Sister' which will tell the story of the events that led to the red witch. 

For more frequent updates follow me on Twitter!


Game features include:

  • A unique (hopefully) and thrilling story!
  • New and exciting characters, as well as some returning characters from  'My Big Sister'.
  • Adventure-like puzzles.
  • Character dialogue options to delve into the lore surrounding the universe.
  • An Original Soundtrack + (Maybe) Remixed Soundtrack.
  • Achievements + Trophies! 

Current Progress:

* Beta testing is just about finishing up, then it's on to the translations! 

Planned Development:

The game is to be released on PC but is planned to also release on Nintendo Switch, Xbox (SeriesX/S/One) andPS4/PS5.


Check out the free demo:

My stories are made for the fans and players, and I would love to continue sharing them with everyone! 

Glad you enjoyed the short experience :)

Thank you for playing! :)

Really nice little GB Game, the sprites, the atmosphere, the story, and the gameplay, loved it all! :)

Thank you for the comment! :) 

I loved it and I used to play asteroids back in the day, I'm just outta touch with modernism, had a blast playing it though :)

Nice! Another GB Studio game! Loved it, although the platforming cave was rather difficult, but I got through it :) Excellent work! 

What a fun little adventure game, reminded me a little of Doki Doki Universe (If anyone remembers that one), loved the designs and the characters. Great Job! :) 

I have no idea what I'm doing, and I loved it! I was banging and crashing into everything (not sure if that was intentional, but I was like dude, this is insane, haha!) Great graphics and concept. I just need to get hang of the controls :) 

I seriously gotta stop playing these entries, getting too addicted! Love the concept and the design, such a great little game! :) 

Awesome little mining game! Pretty fun and I love the designs of the little gremlin things! Good little distraction from work :D

Thank you! Only had a few hours to make a game because I had to work, so I tried to make something as simple and interesting as possible just to get my submission in. Hopefully, next GBJam I'll have more time to make something a lot better :)  

Some graphics were the default graphics when starting a new project (cat and girl), the rest is what I could draw in a few hours because of limited time.

Thanks :) It can be played on a real GameBoy too! I'll upload the rom file soon :) 

Thank you very much for the wonderful comment! I only had a very short amount of time to make something because of work, so I tried to make something as short and as interesting as possible.  Thanks again for playing! :) 

Thank you! I felt like coffee throughout the whole development process and I'ma gonna get some now! 

Thanks for playing, I really had no time at all to make anything because of work.  This was literally made in a few hours, to be honest with you. Maybe next time I'll have more time to make something much better :) 

Awesome video! Thanks for playing :) 

I like making more challenging games! Glad you're enjoying it and can't wait to see the video! :)

The credits song was the only song in the game that was recorded with live instruments and was influenced by some Silent Hill tracks :) 

Thank you for playing!  The dialog box I can easily fix , no worries :)  The puzzle elements were all supposed to be completely random as I was trying to make a game with a built in randomizer  from scratch but had to pull it back due to  the release being so close and it wasn't finished. 
But I'm Really glad you enjoyed it :) 

Thank you very much for playing the game! The track you're referring to is the same track out of Just Ignore Them. I must have forgotten to add it to the MBS soundtrack folder. I will fix this as soon as I can! :) 

As I would love to work on this game again, I have quite a few back dated projects that need  to be finished. I make games for a living which is why I push my other projects further than this fun one. The other thing is that I made this on RPG2k3 . It seems like the guys updating the software have stopped updating it, which is a shame. However, I was looking to replicate KOG on another engine such as RPGMV or in unity. If I could find someone to replicate the battle system in KOG I would greatly consider working on it once again as a commercial game as I loved writing the story :)

I still would like to make a game in MV one day. Otherwise, I would've bought it for no reason! :)

Actually, only this game is made in RPG Maker. All my others were made in different engines such as Adventure Game Studio and Game Maker Studio

2003 :)