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Stranga Studios

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Posted in Ends at Logo?

the demo ends at the logo. It was a teaser demo :)

I have been looking into that. According to the engine forums there is a way! But, it requires another app to play the game. I'll look into this more.

Thank you :)

Thank you for your comment :) Yes I have seen the video and it was fantastic! I am sorry there are only two endings but I am looking at making a second one...also......That is not the end of Dave...

I probably wouldn't take it as a jump scare horror. I wrote in a fashion of psychological horror cross American Anime like feel with a 90's thriller style. If that makes sense. The game is supposed to resemble a horror, but I'm not that great at making jump scares. I apologize about that.

Loved the video! Enjoy the full game :) It has released on steam and will be avaliable here soon too :)

Sólo quería decir, este juego vendrá en español. Dar la demostración un intento, tiene una traducción española.

Será um jogo pago. Só porque estou criando tudo sozinho, até mesmo na trilha sonora da orquestra. O jogo custará muito provavelmente 2-3 USD na liberação.

Muchísimas gracias por tu publicación. Será un juego pagado pero puedo decir un juego barato sólo unos pocos dólares. Espero que esto te ayude.

Hey thanks for your post! We can take care of that soon for you hopefully if things work out as planned. We can have a look at possibly putting in the next update.

Sorry about the lateness of my response but weare looking into it at the moment we have ported a version to Ubuntu so it shouldnt belong before mac porting

Hey no problem sorry about the delay

Not a problem. :-)

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We apologize about the delay and we are actually waiting on steam so we can release the full game on both sites at the same time. Steam are having problems which is preventing the early access game to be uploaded.

We apologize again and thank all of you for your patience.

Link to Page


Can you escape with the loot? Play as the Master Thief and steal as much as you can. Burgle houses in order to obtain some sweet, sweet loot but, be careful not to be caught!.

Your objective is simple, search the area for items which are exchangeable for money. Each level you pass will increase in difficulty. The more difficult the level is the more loot you will obtain.

Avoid the owner at all costs! If he catches you, well, you lose everything! including your money!

Still in Partial Development!

You can still make a purchase and have access to all levels in the game THUS FAR! There are more coming and more obstacles as well as items to help you through the game. Once you have purchased the game ALL UPDATES + DLC ARE FREE!

Bigger, Better and Harder Levels! + Possible Online Multiplayer!

The more support we have for Mini Thief the more we can make this a great game by expanding the development to push further goals.We have ideas for possible multiplayer modes which friends can challenge each other.

Release Notes:

Rev. 1.01 (4/27/2016)

  • Minor fixes to alert system
  • Audio fixes
  • Minor menu adjustments
  • Demo created

Rev. 1.02 (5/1/2016)

  • Minor fixes
  • How to Play added to Main menu
  • New title design