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Thank you very much for playing the game! The track you're referring to is the same track out of Just Ignore Them. I must have forgotten to add it to the MBS soundtrack folder. I will fix this as soon as I can! :) 

As I would love to work on this game again, I have quite a few back dated projects that need  to be finished. I make games for a living which is why I push my other projects further than this fun one. The other thing is that I made this on RPG2k3 . It seems like the guys updating the software have stopped updating it, which is a shame. However, I was looking to replicate KOG on another engine such as RPGMV or in unity. If I could find someone to replicate the battle system in KOG I would greatly consider working on it once again as a commercial game as I loved writing the story :)

I still would like to make a game in MV one day. Otherwise, I would've bought it for no reason! :)

Actually, only this game is made in RPG Maker. All my others were made in different engines such as Adventure Game Studio and Game Maker Studio

2003 :)

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Play as Luzia in her quest to return home. After Luzia and her older sister, Sombria are abducted by strangers; it is up to Luzia to help her and her sister home. Help Luzia solve puzzles, uncover mysteries find clues and escape the clutches of insanity in this original story adventure game.

Check it out here: My Big Sister


Thank you for your post. The game will translated into a few other languages including Portuguese once the game has been completed :)

I'll get right on it.

Thanks for repplying to the post but the early access game is being released via steam tomorrow :)  I hope to release to by the end of the week for early access too.

Knew since the day the comp closed for entries. Sorry about that.

My apologies, try again t should be fixed now :)

I don't think the engine can port to Mac. However! Look up a program called easyrpg it will allow you to play Knights of Gaia on MAC.  :)

Hey thanks for giving the game a try and for taking the time to make a let's  play! I do plan of fixing the resolution up a tad for people who want to make lets plays, it's on my to do list. As for the inventory system, it will be used in the demo and is partially for a secret (try the trash can outside). I plan on updating and possibly expanding the demo soon to have more gameplay rather than story!

That is fine by me! Also thank you for the lets play  video! I love seeing others play my  games. The game may see some backtracking, but that's usually because I like to add secrets and such. Please, if you like follow the page. I may be updating the demo soon with more content plus it also may change.

Thanks again :)

Probably when (or "if" I should say) it gets popular enough here. :)

That's great news! :D Enjoy the game!

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Hmm, this may be a long shot, but try renaming the font file to Terminal.fon then install it into windows. I'm just trying to rule out possibilities for your problem.  If this theory is correct, you could possibly add any font you like to the game so long as you change the font to Terminal

P.S You could also try Hyper Patcher 2 for RPG2K3 and change the font with that. (That's how I did it.)

Hyper Patcher 2

If you go the Hyper Patcher route, here is how to change the font. Select the Game folder with Hyper Patcher 2 Then follow the picture below.

(I added the picture because Hyper Patcher is in German not English)

Loved the video! Will be keeping you posted, seeing how you and your subs like my games :)

Thanks! Watched your video on it too.

I have uploaded the same font I used in the game here: Terminal Font.

Let me know if this solves your issue.

That was was my fault. I'm sorry, when I was packing the game into a zip folder the RTP files didn'tcopy over as well. The game is still playable if you download the RPG2003RTP from the website.

Thank you! And I used vivi as a concept for designing Luto! 

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I see the problem! It's not recognizing the font. You could try and download the font and install it to your pc , it's called terminal. 

P.S Please let me know if this works for you?

It's just to make my name look fancy. And thank you! :)

Hey thanks! You can still try a demo if you're interested? It just won't be a submission for the IGMC though. Have a look in my latest devlog comments for a link.

Thanks for the feedback! That's more important than the IGMC. Oh and it's just one person making it, me :) 

I'll be frequently updating the game soon! So I'll keep you and everyone posted.

Sure thing! You can contact me on my email address! 

It seemed like my latest and last update must have glitched or crashed when packing it into the zip file before the IGMC. I apologize to everyone for not being able to play the game and wish everyone else the best of luck with their entries!

Due to the game not packing all the RPT files in the original download option the game is unplayable and I face disqualification. However, this does not mean I don't want everyone to try the game. So I've added an alternative link for everybody to try the demo. But do not rate the game! This is only because I've had a few messages asking to try the demo because it is planned for a full release.

Alternate download link (NOT FOR IGCM JUDGES!)

You can find the link in on my original post here:

Enjoy! And let me know what you think! I love to hear Feedback!

I love the concept and idea for using real photographs as backdrops! Very clever and awesome!

I gave your game a try and I must say it looks quite impressive! Love the art style and pixel art! Although my laptop's specs are low so it didn't run that well for me to give it a good try through. But your concept seems interesting, mixing an adventure game with an RPG game! 

This looks awesome! And yes I love the graphics and artwork!

Thank you for your feed back! I agree with the battle system being a bit tedious, it needs some fine tuning. Babes can use magic attacks too to break up the constant attack mashing. I may be able to add a few more special moves before the comp closes, but they take a while to make with graphics and all. 

And I completely forgot about the slow event at traveler's pass! I will look into those right now!

Either way, the game will be made into a full release, regardless of the competition. All the feed back here will also help in the completion of the full game!

This is awesome for a game made in RPG Maker! I didn't think the engine could do this! Well done, I am playing and loving the game right now! :D

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Oh! Thank you very much! It's hard to keep track of my spelling and grammar when you do this all on your own haha! And thank you for the kind words, it means a lot to me :) (ONE GIANT FACEPALM!)

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P.S - Sorry guys, kinda rushed it at the end to have some time to let people check it out before the comp closes. So all music is stock (tbh, it doesn't sound that bad). :) Oh and the opening and intro was to :( Sorry guys

EDIT: Fixed the opening sequence with new artwork :D

DOUBLE EDIT: Fixed all that! Enjoy! :D

the demo ends at the logo. It was a teaser demo :)

I have been looking into that. According to the engine forums there is a way! But, it requires another app to play the game. I'll look into this more.

Thank you :)