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That's great! I am working on a remastered version of "My Big Sister" and will be translated to Chinese also, just will take some time to work on it is all.

That would be great!  But when I played Brea's Story, THE Chinese translation had a lot of text that didn't fit our Chinese context, kind of like Google Translate, hoping for a better localized translation to understand the Story of the game  

My apologies about the translation, I didn't do it myself nor did I organize it, my publisher did "GrabTheGames". You will have to pass on your feedback to them so they can help fix any errors you may have come across.

Hope to update the translation correct, later on the translated text context, it's hard to understand the plot, I even feel to the game for Chinese localization translation work, this is a good game, and the author if you want to work on yourself for Chinese localization translation must have checked ah!