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Will steam be available in the future? I'm a foreign player, so itch is having trouble paying

How long is the game? I want to know if the pricing is in line with the quality of the game itself. Story games can't avoid walking simulators

Can I get it on steam? It's easier to pay. I'm, uh, an overseas player

The pace of the game is problematic, the beginning of the story is uninteresting and unguided, causing the player to wander around the house interacting, and when they get to the treehouse, they expect something new to unfold, but the end is too hasty. Of course, considering that this game is only an early access version, I hope that the game can be improved after the release of itch's paid version to improve the story!

How long does the game flow take

It's all right! Think of it as funding our game studio! I would love to get the game on steam! I will definitely buy it again!

I paid two euros to buy support for the next chapter of our game, but it showed an error and I couldn't get the download link! Please contact me!

Will you be on steam?

It has been more than a year, I hope the author will continue to create the next work in this style, but after such a long time, there is still a play?

Will there be a second installment in the series?

So sorry to see the notification from game developers so late, in fact you guys made the Smalls Island Woes is one of the weirdest games I've played so far, it's already so much better from a story level than a lot of poorly made indie horror games! It's a really fascinating way to tell a story by adding layer after layer. I hope you can continue the Smalls Island Woes to make new works! The gameplay doesn't have to be too complicated, as long as the game itself is creepy enough, a lot of players will enjoy it!

Hello developers! This is a story to the game or survival horror shooting game?How long is the game flow?

The process is too short, I wish it would be longer, it is very rare to see a cartoon character horror game of quadratic, I hope this idea can be expanded

dude! You must keep this style sitting ~! I like your latest broken though, too. Keep the story with twists and turns, and the atmosphere is disturbing enough! Ultimately, of course, the game flow must be long! I really like the feeling of telling the story with such delicacy! You know!

Hope Chinese localization will be restored soon! Already bought the game and can't wait to play it

Are the puzzles no longer hardcore?  Instead, discover and solve puzzles in a more human way?

How long is the game flow?

How many chapters will our game end?  I want to wait until the game is finished and purchased!

That would be great!  I hope the rest of the episodes are longer and more disturbing and weird!

The videos I see people playing are pretty short. Is it worth $2?  And I see that the game will keep updating later chapters?  How long is the game expected to last?

Hope to update the translation correct, later on the translated text context, it's hard to understand the plot, I even feel to the game for Chinese localization translation work, this is a good game, and the author if you want to work on yourself for Chinese localization translation must have checked ah!  

That would be great!  But when I played Brea's Story, THE Chinese translation had a lot of text that didn't fit our Chinese context, kind of like Google Translate, hoping for a better localized translation to understand the Story of the game  

That's great! I hope red bow、 Welcome to Ash Pines and the game's prequels Just Ignore Them all support Chinese!

Chinese players love your game! Before red Bow seemed to be impossible to experience without Chinese for some technical reasons.  

What kind of languages are supported?

How long is the game?

That's great! I hope the alphabet will support Chinese in the future! Because China also has a lot of people who like mandela style games! Because it goes deep into the reality of fear is creepy!

I love it. It would be perfect if the voice-over could be subtitled!  Forgive me for being a foreigner!  Not very good at hearing!  

I love this low-pixel style of horror!  Will the developer's next project be a similar horror game?  Hope the game process is longer!  Have more horrible scripts!  

Can't wait for your next project!  Can you tell me when it will be ready?  

I didn't find the key option, so I couldn't finish the second ending

Hello game developers! How is the second ending triggered?