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Submitted by Stranga Games — 2 days, 20 hours before the deadline
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Ranked 23rd with 9 votes

People's Choice Vote#239

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Just me - Stranga

RPG Maker 2003

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Jam Host

Disqualified - Missing RTP files, game can not start.


Knew since the day the comp closed for entries. Sorry about that.


It seemed like my latest and last update must have glitched or crashed when packing it into the zip file before the IGMC. I apologize to everyone for not being able to play the game and wish everyone else the best of luck with their entries!


Ah, man, bummer! It was really fun to play. I played version 1.0 a few days ago and enjoyed it--super awesome gameboy vibes!

I hope you guys get lots of notoriety and support with the project, even if you didn't make it into the IGMC!


Thanks for the feedback! That's more important than the IGMC. Oh and it's just one person making it, me :) 

I'll be frequently updating the game soon! So I'll keep you and everyone posted.


Dang! It was so professional I assumed "Stranga Games" was a collection of people. Nice work! 


It's just to make my name look fancy. And thank you! :)


This was super charming! I loved the way you had your maps set up, the reduced color palette of the RTP graphics, and the actual feel of the game!


  • Your battles feel very tedious right now - the speed of RM2K3's battles is already pretty slow - but to have barely any abilities and to have to click attack 8+ times to complete a battle just really kills the vibe for me.
  • Your events feel very choppy - it feels like there's about a whole two seconds after each event as buffering time/ At first, I thought the game was actually freezing - but then realized it happens with every event that has a move route. Walking into Traveler's Pass was especially bad - after the initial event I couldn't do anything for about 5 seconds, but this was also a thing for moving the rocks and any event really that had the chicken come out and talk. I would look at your wait commands and play around with them for better flow.

Thank you for your feed back! I agree with the battle system being a bit tedious, it needs some fine tuning. Babes can use magic attacks too to break up the constant attack mashing. I may be able to add a few more special moves before the comp closes, but they take a while to make with graphics and all. 

And I completely forgot about the slow event at traveler's pass! I will look into those right now!

Either way, the game will be made into a full release, regardless of the competition. All the feed back here will also help in the completion of the full game!


Your game has a lot of charm - so I'm excited!

Developer (3 edits) (+1)

P.S - Sorry guys, kinda rushed it at the end to have some time to let people check it out before the comp closes. So all music is stock (tbh, it doesn't sound that bad). :) Oh and the opening and intro was to :( Sorry guys

EDIT: Fixed the opening sequence with new artwork :D

DOUBLE EDIT: Fixed all that! Enjoy! :D