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Hey Luizcubas, I just gave your game a play and really enjoyed it. I found the loot gave some strong Diablo vibes...just having colored labels for the different rarities does a lot. Just the UI overall felt really good and added to the feel.

It took me a few floors before I figured out that the elemental weaknesses were being told to me down at the bottom. Once I got that, I felt like I had a bit more to think about (prior to that I was just spamming skills and not really understanding the difference). I still wasn't totally clear on what was weak to what, but I did enjoy experimenting.

I liked having the abilities on WASD, it felt really intuitive. One thing I did find I wanted to do was be able to trigger a bunch of skills/attacks simultaneously (like in Valkyrie Profile). It would be really cool to combo different attacks together, maybe combine them for different effects :)

Anyways fantastic job for one month! It feels really polished and cohesive.

Hey @Alan Rawkins, I'm so glad you enjoyed.

Yeah, I need to add more clear information about wich are the weakness of each element.

I liked your idea, cast simultaneously different skills would be so cool.

Thank you for your kind review.