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I know that the amount I suggested is very high, even if you accepted it, I would probably deny it due to the emotional attachment to the project. Thank you so much for expressing your desire to buy the source code of the game.

I spent too much time working on this game, even though the project has been stalled for years, now and then I go back and add something. I still have a certain attachment to him. I apologize, but I would not sell it for less than a thousand dollars.

Hey @DragonBlade650, here is the list of plugins, only the plugins I developed myself are not included in the package.

Download Plugins

Hey @mercantesventura

I never thought about selling the game, it depends, everything has a price ;D

Thanks @giagazaoua!

The battle plugin was developed by myself, it was heavily based on Yanfly ATB plugin.

Hey @slemon, you really finished everything in the game. Incredible, you have all the best equipment. Unfortunately the development of the game has stopped for a while because I'm focused in another projects, you know, we have to put food on the table. When things calm down, I'll get back to the game. Thank you very much for playing the game and for your kind feedback.

Congrats guys, amazing work! I hope this possible partnership with Degica brings more visibility to the game and for the team! The party is just beginning, good job guys!

Hey Kyattchan, thanks for the amazing review. One of the things I love so much about games is the sense of reward when you make the right strategy, that's was my main focus with this project and I feel happy when someone shares this same feeling playing Dungeon Down.

In fact, there are a little more than 80 floors and when you reach it the tough fights will really begin ;)

Hey @UnsungGhost, thank you for playing the game. I loved your suggestion of creating different difficulties levels like Diablo, thank you so much for your feedback!

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Wow, looks like you had some good time with the game. I really put my heart into this project and I feel fulfilled when someone likes the game so much. Thanks for your feedback Archeia!

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Hi Archeia. I'm glad you liked the game. Sure, I will expand it, this is a short list with the biggest milestones for the future:

  • Add a good history to the game;
  • Add a class system;
  • Create dungeons with more rooms, traps, some puzzles and more randomized.

Amazing work, your game really deserve more attention. Congrats.

Hey @Zelgadis85.

Man, I think your game has potential, the idea is very good, but I believe you can evolve even more.

In my opinion, the most addictive feeling in games is the reward (yes, that's why there are so many loot in DungeonDown) and solve puzzles by itself is a reward, give it a good feeling "nailed it"! In this perspective, the game has met expectations.

But if you will allow me, I would like to give you a suggestion to improve the map exploration.

Exploring is very enjoyable in games, but the player needs to feel that he is evolving while exploring. Due to large maps and few events to interact, you can make the player get bored, my suggestion is that you reduce the size of the maps or add more events.

Getting lost in a game is bad feeling too, I believe you can creata some kind of visual signage to lessen the possibility of that happening, so the player could easily difference the interactables events.

Briefly, it's a great game for just 2 weeks of work. Congratulations.

Hey @scitydreamer, thank you for your amazing review. I left a message in your blog, keep up the good work!

Hey @Rubescen!

Thank you so much for your honest review! I'm glad you had fun playing!

Ok, I really dont know how to start this review.

First of all, sorry for my bad english.

What a game! That soundtrack, art and story are amazing.

I can feel the love you guys put with your hearts in this game, in every note of the music, in every detail of the art and in the whole story.

Playing this game make me remember an amazing old adventure game called Gabriel Knight, don't know if you guys played, but it's a very similar, it has amazing music, art and this mistery context that glue all together.

I dont' know if you guys intend to keep working in this game, don't get me wrong, I loved the game and didn't find anything to critice, all I want is to give some new ideas to maybe help you evolve the game:

I think this game would be perfect for a more point-and-click adventure style, so you guys would worry less with sprite animations and tilesets and have more time to draw deeper static scenarios, like when Edwin and Nora was on the upper floor on that house and they were talking about the crime evidences, that moment would be perfect for using like a magnify and let the player spot all evidences.

When Edwin need to talk with another npc, using options to let the player ask the questions and interrogate would make that moment more immersive to the player.

Putting voices on the more important dialogs would make the game go to the next level.

Ok, sorry, I did really stayed a "little" excited with my suggestions, I know you guys had only one month and you guys really have did a amazing job.

Thanks for creating such a good game, you guys really deserve my vote.

Hey DrassRay, thank you so much for your kind words, I really hope you have fun playing the game!

Hey Drift! Thank you so much for your gameplay video and your vote, watching you playing this game for 3 straight hours was insane, it really make feel that one month of hard work was really worth it :D

Hello @Tofu_Sheets_Visual, thank you for giving it a chance, I hope you enjoy the game!

Hey @Eighth Exodus.

Very different game, the dark atmosphere is very immersive, great choice of background music.

Being honest I found it a bit difficult, but I think it did match with the context of the game.

Excellent work.

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Hey @NewQuestGaming, wow, you definitely played a lot, the maximum level I reached in my tests was 150, I am so glad that you had fun playing.

Thanks for finding this bug, this is new to me, really a funny bug, starting with the maximum skill but doesn't have the MP needed to cast them XD

Good suggestion, right now the death count is only for statistics, that would be a way to give it more purpose.

Thank you for your kind review.

Hey @GrandBrickLaver, thank you for your interesting in play the game, I hope you have fun playing it :)

Hey @Alan Rawkins, I'm so glad you enjoyed.

Yeah, I need to add more clear information about wich are the weakness of each element.

I liked your idea, cast simultaneously different skills would be so cool.

Thank you for your kind review.

Hey @PVGames, thanks for playing the game and for your kind review.

My initial idea was to make bigger dungeons with different enemies and traps, I thought that one month would be enough time, when I realized I was already missing only 10 days of the deadline of Game Jam and had only developed the battle system, my only choice was to develop simpler dungeons.

Hello everyone, I'm so sorry about the bugs.
I kindly ask you to try running the game.exe file by right-clicking and selecting Run as Administrator, I hope this fix your issue.

Hello @wikan, thank you for trying the game.

Try to right click on the game.exe and select to Run as Administrator, maybe this fix the issue.

Hey @Nicola, amazing, thank you for your feedback. This gonna help me alot!

Oh boy, something went very wrong, this design of the cave should never happened :(

If you want still to keep try the game, I'm gonna tell you a secret, in the map, press 10 times the "L" key, after that, whenever you get stuck in the dungeon just press "N" to jump to next floor.

Hey @Vodun, thanks for playing the game and for your review.

My initial idea was to implement multiple elements, unfortanetelly I couldn't develop this in time for the jam. Maybe in a new version I'm gonna do it.

If you can, please send the screenshots, as the dungeon its kinda random, it's possible that this problem occurs.

Hey @CloudTheWolf. Thanks for giving it a chance, I hope you enjoy the game.

Hello @Nicola.
Sorry about the bug. Thank you for trying the game anyway. If you can, try to run the game.exe with right mouse click and select to Run as Administrator, tell me if it works.

Hello @arawkins. I played some hours of your game and I must say that I loved. 

Using RTP 2000 with MV was a genious idea, creates a nostalgic feeling so good.

The game itself it's very fun and challenging, I did love it how you implemented the idea of scavenger and survivor.

Congratulations, amazing work!

Hey @zelgadis85, thank you so much for your feedback and I'm really happy that you is having fun playing the game, your words was enough to make me feel that this one month of work worth it.

I was aware that lack of dialogue in the game would generate some misunderstanding, this is my fault due to my difficulty in writing English. The enemies don't have multiple forms, in reality it's like a troop but you must defeat one at a time. Each enemy has one element and you should explore the weakness of each element, for example, if the next enemies are in the order: fire, lightning and dark, then it would be prudent for you to equip skills: water, earth and holy.

Once again, thank you for the generous words.

Hello @mathalas, thanks for playing the game.

The game was developed in one month for the IGMC contest, despite having more than 80 floors, the game is relatively short. I hope you had fun. I have a plan to make a bigger version of this game with more skills and different classes, but for now it's just a draft.

Thank you @Solarfun Games Studio. I definitely will try your game too!

I just uploaded a new version, if you could try again I appreciate. Sorry for the trouble.

Hey @mojoaa13, thanks for playing the game.

Hmm, could you send me a screenshot pls? What version of Windows you using 7 or 10?

I developed the autosave functionality, actually its not a plugin, I just renamed the first slot of the save file list and I'm using the  DataManager.saveGame(1) when perfoming a transfer of maps :)