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Thanks for the feedback judges. I've taken it in account when polishing up v1.1 to be released soon :)

very atmospheric and creepy! well done!

thanks for playing and for the review!

nice battle concept. could use a better learning curve though.

i confess i was a skeptic but i have been converted! slap your life away!

title screen looks great, game doesn't quite live up to it. but it's still pretty decent to check out.

very nice!

i liked hazel and the voice acting, but the game is quite bugged and clearly unfinished :)

nice little entry. pretty solid :)


the concept is nice. i like the slightly different battle engine. the game overall felt solid, but the mechanics don't really come through to the player on the first run. very easy to miss the point of the game and take it for a boring grind that goes nowhere, i would fix that in a final version if i were you, would drastically increase peoples replayability interest, and there does seem to be quite a  few things to replay for.

great graphics, fitting music, well done!

hope you fix the framerate problem for a final release.

nice concept. feels a bit unfinished though.

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i like the concept. too bad the implemention is a bit buggy :(

also, hard like hell, which i guess depends on personal taste :)

couldn't read any text. RTP missing?!

thanks for playing and the review! :)

looks very solid! well done!