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Online Fantasy Escape Room (Game Jam)
Submitted by Rehmlok Arts (@rehmlok) — 2 hours, 51 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 53rd with 4 votes

People's Choice Vote#534

Judge feedback

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  • Theme 

    Online Escape game. Really cool theme


    The game is primarily puzzle solving but it has so many issues.

    • The game requires 3 people to solve all the puzzles.  If all the players are not online in a voice chat it's impossible to solve. Especially when text chat is unusable.
    • The game's latency is a problem. The first code puzzle we encountered had an issue that we inputted the correct code but it didn't unlock. We even tried brute forcing. After the first crash, we went on again and this time checked the game's files since the code was just killing us and it turns out we got it on our first try! It would've DQ'd the game immediately if it wasn't for the fact it worked on the restart.
    • The third puzzle with the lasers + switches from what I garnered is where the 3 man job is needed. However during our playthrough it was impossible to solve it and we had to give up. Especially when we can't contact the 3rd person properly.
    • There are major bugs where the log repeatedly loops itself when I tried killing myself with the barrel contents. And it remained throughout the playthrough and became really annoying.
    • The constant crashing was a huge annoyance.

    I honestly wish it was a local server instead or let us host our own so this wouldn't have been a problem. The game had so much promise.


    The maps were really decent and the clues and red herrings given were enough and solvable. There should be a single player experience since the concept itself is really neat.


    I wanted to like this game. But the lag, crashes and that one code that we apparently got the first try not working was enough to plummet my engagement.

    Total – 43/80

Team Members
Ahmad Baidoun, Matthew Cipriano

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Submitted (1 edit)

i like the concept. too bad the implemention is a bit buggy :(

also, hard like hell, which i guess depends on personal taste :)