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Joseph of DescentiaView game page

An old man living one of his last days as the hero of the realm.
Submitted by psenough (@psenough) — 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline
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  • 34/80

    While not terrible in gameplay, there are constant random battles that you have to run from or get stuck fighting until you do run. You wander around with very little idea of what to do which only makes the random battles worse. Of course, it is odd when you have a mage that can't cast magic during battle, but can storyline-wise so it breaks immersion. In addition, being able to pick up herbs multiple times and ribbons multiple times, but being unable to sell herbs or give herbs to the person asking for herbs is yet another immersion breaker.

    Has a concept not explored often with games of dementia. The backstory is interesting as it isn't your typical hero saved the world story. Overall the world was placed so that it feels like I'm wandering in a world, but there are several odd areas such as if you go through the poison in the ruins to explore the outside, it is as clean as can be, which breaks immersion. Sound was used reasonably well to portray the locations and mood.

    It might not make the most memorable game, but it is a bit different than many others. The ending was... not really all that special. If anything, it felt like it broke character. Overall, it ends up as an average game. Being novel doesn't necessarily make the game interesting or fun to play and this game, while it does put out a reasonably unique idea, fails to be truly fun to play, but at least it isn't a complete test of patience.

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RPGMaker VX Ace

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Thanks for the feedback judges. I've taken it in account when polishing up v1.1 to be released soon :)

Submitted (1 edit)

Interesting concept. Good feeling of being lost in the dementia at first with the open world, not knowing what to do or where to go, and the ramblings on every interactive item. Cornucopia. And decent enough little story about his past to tie it all together. I feel like I might've missed a thing or two but also could've just been dead ends (ribbon?). Also like that it just uses RTP. Ghosts of my past got a little tiresome but I suppose that's the point! Either way, best trailer ever!


thanks for playing and for the review!