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Dreaming AliceView game page

Oh Alice dear, where have you been?
Submitted by slimmmeiske2 — 9 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline

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Judge feedback

Judge feedback is anonymous.

  • Did not pass screenings. Does not include all files required to play the game.

    Missing font files to install. Puzzle in second room appears to require reading to normally solve.

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(1 edit) (+1)

I'm a sucker for Alice in Wonderland but.. this game... errr!
I'm already stuck, in the rooms with the notes. Can't seem to pass 978.
I ended up giving up after 10 minutes running around. Sorry! xD

Edit: Okay I ended up giving it a try for a bit more and I was able to get off those rooms. lol 
I played a bit more of the game and I really like it. It was a fun play, I ended up not playing it all but what I did see of the game looks really good, there's just a few bugs here and there, that you should check out again.. I'm gonna list the issues I had just so you look them over when you have the time.
In the duchess house , there were sounds going on in the background when we moved from the livingroom to the kitchen, they didn't stop! (it was kind of annoying and weird) and I'm not sure what happened after I drink the soup, the scene went by sooo fast and when I noticed I was already somewhere else. I didn't get to replay it to see if it was meant to be like that or not because I had saved wayy back but you should check those out again. To me it looked a bit odd.
The second time in the woods with the Cheshire cat when you have to input the passwords, after I put the password in the middle tree and tried to enter the door, I would run through the tree instead, I ended up figuring out that you could only enter when you are at the doorway and then press enter.
In the Queen's grounds, if you move to the garden part with the sparkle (with the letter) you can't move back again easily. I ended up stuck there again for a while , until I accidentally pressed enter in the titles right in front of the entryway, not in the ones in entryway, but the two tiles in front.  You need to set the entry points in the maps a little bit more carefully. 
I decided to stop at this point, I really liked the game, but I just started to get a bit frustrated.
When you fix those little bugs let me know because I definitely want to give the game another try so I can finish it! :)


Very sorry for the late reply!

Thank you for playing Dreaming Alice and trying again after that puzzle. I'll be fixing the way I programmed it, so hopefully people won't get stuck on it. I'll also try annd make the scenes at the Duchess a bit clearer. Some of the other bugs you mentioned have been fixed in a new version, which I'll be uploading some time next week if everything works out.  :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it so far. I'm planning to remake it, as I want to do the game and the vision I had for it justice.


Played it until the password trees puzzle, any input would be appreciated because I'm stuck there. It was interesting so far but there are a lot of passability errors you might want to fix (some autotree tiles near the mansion, some big and small trees in the forests, the bushes and the chandelabres, the stairs and several objects too scattered around and in the mansion). I'm sure you are completely aware of the font problem as well but that's easily fixed.

First puzzle was pretty cool, I enjoyed counting the little square tiles on each big tiles to match the number of the code, very fitting music too there. I liked the sprites as well, very nicely made even if I would have preferred the Cheshire Cat to be slightly more chubby. :P

There is a tiny graphic problem with the white glove cursor during the input puzzle on the ship (its image doesn't appear completely transparent and there's a white square around it).


Thanks for the feedback Dalph. I'll definitely go and check all those tilesets for the passability errors. Font should be fixed in the next version as well. I was planning on giving some sprites an update, so I'll add Chesire cat to that list. 

I'll PM you the answer to the puzzle at RMW as I acn't seem to find a way to post a spoiler here. ^^;

(1 edit) (+1)

Ok I finished it and have a few questions.

When the Queen of Hearts proposes to play croquet, her and the soldiers all vanish instantly, is it intentional or a bug? The same happens after they have to find the thief. I also think the movement speed of the Queen of Hearts is too fast in the croquet playground (she walks around too quickly). I liked a lot the cameos of the old RTP heroes from the different engines in the court room.

Is there an alternate ending by the way? Maybe I have to fight instead of running in the labyrinth? Because I felt like I got the bad ending, haha.


Congrats on finishing! :D

Yes, those are intentional. I'll add a fade screen, so it's not that jarring though. 

No currently there's only one ending. I'll add some more endings in the extended version, but the current ending can be considered the "true ending". I was going through a rather difficult period during the IGMC, which is why the true ending feels like a bad ending. I can explain it more if you want, but I'd rather do that in PM.


couldn't read any text. RTP missing?!


RTP isn't missing, but there is a font missing if you're on Windows 10.  You can download it from here. Just install it and you should be able o play it without any problems.