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Idol Goddess Made Captive 2017View game page

A girl is kidnapped to become the idol wife of an villain!
Submitted by AI Sin (@SinNoAria) — 2 days, 4 hours before the deadline

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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

Team Members
SinNoAria, Himesaur, Jessie P.

RPG Maker MV

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I played a bit of the game and I like what I've seen in it, the idea behind it sounds fun. But I felt like a proper tutorial was missing. Or at least some sort of guide that actually directed you to what you should be doing to earn your freedom. 
Even after going through the guide book, I was left pretty much as confused as before.
I changed classes, fought a bit, and rinse and repeat. Very grinding and kind of boring tbh.
The new npc talking about changin to Deredere also confused me.. The npc didn't really give the choice to change and it's not available through the guide book right? I didn't get it.
I got to level 5 by this point (I was ready to quit the game tbh) and the new 'event' made me think that maybe NOW the story would continue or some new characters would show up. That I would finally have more action and interactions. But.. nope. Just got the blessings to choose from now too.. ahh

Overall: I like what you did with the game. The story looks fun. The sprite of the kidnapped girl looks really cute too btw. But I felt like a lot of things were missing. I had a lot of options available but I wasn't sure what to do with them. The game has a lot of potential though. I'll definitely be looking out to any updates to the game later on. 
Good luck with the contest! :)


the concept is nice. i like the slightly different battle engine. the game overall felt solid, but the mechanics don't really come through to the player on the first run. very easy to miss the point of the game and take it for a boring grind that goes nowhere, i would fix that in a final version if i were you, would drastically increase peoples replayability interest, and there does seem to be quite a  few things to replay for.


Yeah, I was trying to balance it between keep it as hints that the player had to figure out and making it so that the information was noticeable, but I guess I made it too hard to notice.


The description sounded super cool - but the gameplay was terribly unbalanced and unintuitive. I couldn't make it past the second battle regardless of which random encounter I got as the enemies were either way too strong and killed me on the first turn, or had massive amounts of HP I didn't want to spend half an hour chipping away at. If you're going to make a battle-centric entry you should spend a little more time balancing your battles.

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Sounds like you either downloaded the old version or found a bug. has been having issues today, so I think you managed to download a much older version.  In the recent version, your tutorial period is longer.


Hm, alright! I'll try and redownload and give it another go.


Let me know how it goes! I'm hoping that the latest version fixes a lot of the game balance, but there are still a lot of stuff that is overpowered (on purpose).