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Thanks a lot! Yeah, I can't wait for a game, either :)

Hi there,
thank you very much for your kind words, it's much appreciated! I hope the graphics will be of good use to you :)

Hey, I just bought the plugin and tried out a few things. I noticed that the pathfinding does not work at all as long as there's another route being processed on the map that uses the wait-until-finished function. At least it won't react to any plugin or script calls in this case. Everything was fine when I removed the other event that waited for its move route's completion. Is there a way to fix this?
Besides, I tried using <KoTC Collision> because it looked a bit weird when NPCs just walk through the hero. However, if there's a collision, the whole pathfinding route just stops. Is there a workaround here so that NPCs (passengers in a city) neither go just through the hero nor stop when colliding (instead, maybe walk around the hero)?
I would love to see those functions if it's something that's possible :)

Thank you very much for your kind words! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game. I'm working on those bugfixes and plan to release an update soon :)

Hey, I just noticed that character graphics with an "!" in their filename (mostly used for objects) are not affected by the bush effect when placed in water (the pixels at the bottom of the graphic being slightly transparent). Every other character graphic works fine.

Hi, yes it is. I'll add the information in the info text, thanks!

I'm looking forward to the release! I hope everything goes as planned :)

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Hi, thank you! Yes, commercial use is allowed. This pack only contains one futuristic vehicle. You can find more futuristic and normal vehicles in the Futuristic Vehicles pack

Hey, thank you! Sure! There are five tilesets which are formatted as autotiles: A1-A5. A1 is animated, including water and waterfalls. A2 contains floors and carpets, A3-A4 is for buildings and walls, and A5 for several floors and stairs.

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Hey there!

Futuristic Cities

I'm making graphics now and want to share my first resource pack with you! It's called Futuristic Cities and it offers you enough graphics to create a whole game (tilesets + charactersets), resulting in more than 400 files in total. The assets are optimized for use in RPG Maker MV but may be used in any other engine as well! This is supposed to be my first and biggest asset pack, serving as a base for future releases. By becoming a Patron, you can help decide which graphics shall be drawn in the future, and also receive new packs for free! Best way to stay up to date would be Twitter.

I also want to share free resources in the future and add a lot more packs, smaller ones as well.
Please feel free to share your opinion on it :-)

Happy game making everyone!

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Nice game, lovely characters and an adorable style :) I'd definitely recommend it!

I enjoyed this game a lot! I really like your art and the atmosphere that you're creating. It has something peaceful but at the same time melancholic to it. Well done :)

Thanks a lot :) I'm glad you liked it and even tried it even if the genre is not your favorite :)

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Thumbs up not only for the amazing artstyle, but the whole tone of the game! It was fun playing it :)

Thank you guys for the videos, it's good for me to see how people play the game :) There will be levels of difficulty in the full version of the game which you can switch between at any time. So the levels might be easier or harder than in the demo, depending on what the player prefers. Stay tuned :)