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Once upon a SpiritView game page

Its soul is lost! Clung to the crow! Find it! Find it in the realm of spirits!
Submitted by Lucy Fox (@Refeldr) — 3 days, 10 hours before the deadline
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Ranked 6th with 28 votes

People's Choice Vote#628

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  • Theme

    Your child’s spirit was taken away by a crow to seal a great evil. I’m not sure how a mouse’s spirit is able to do that.


    Mostly fetch quests. Some not even that obvious and took a while to figure out. It has the same problem as point and click adventure games that you just have to try everything since the solution you might think of is maybe not obvious.


    It’s pretty and has good pacing. The custom graphics are nice. I think some aspects of the puzzles could be telegraphed better.


    I wasn’t really into it but I’m not a fan of these types of games. But it has an appeal to certain types of people.

    Total – 55/80

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Lucy Fox

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This is beautiful. Not just the art, but the story as well. I'm a bit stumped though - may I ask for a hint? The place I'm stuck is with the generator thing: "It's too high up. I can't reach it from here"


Thanks! <3

There is something you have to drag infront of the battery. It should be noticeable when you activate it.
In future versions I'll totally include some tutorials xD


Aha, I found it! And now that I look back, it did stand out a bit from the background, which signals that it can be activated. Maybe make it stand out a bit more? Or make something you can interact with to get hints if you need to?

Thanks again for the lovely game!


I enjoyed this game a lot! I really like your art and the atmosphere that you're creating. It has something peaceful but at the same time melancholic to it. Well done :)


I finally finished it, what a gorgeous game, it is reminiscent of a movie I loved as a child called Once Upon a Forest, and the characters are adorable. 

The artistic direction is absolutely wonderful. I was unsure if there was only one ending, but I loved that it was open ended in case this becomes something larger. Fantastic job!

(also, I loved the stinging bug, the world needs stuffed animals of him haha)


Now I have to look out for that movie. :D

Yes, it has only one ending in this version. I ran out of time, but initially I had planed a lot more (also player directed) interaction with the spirit. Someday maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's cool, you liked it so much! ❤


Amazing art style and atmospheric maps. I'm looking forward to play this game. It looks really fantastic! Keep going :)


Yay, thank you! <3

I hope you'll have fun with it. ^w^

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Hey Luzee
I gave you my vote for the beautiful story in combination with your great art skills
You just have to get used to te menu control, but it doesn't take long
I'm looking forward to the full version and will play it at any rate
Good look for the IGMC


Hey Luzee!
I have to admit I gave you my vote just for the graphics :)
Now to play the game!
Stay funky,


Haha! Thanks a lot! <3

I hope you will also enjoy the game itself. :D


We played the game and liked it a lot! It's cool to switch between the different realities ;)


Yay, glad you liked it! ^w^


This is a beautiful game! But how do I save? I can't seem to select Save in the menu. Do I need to go to a save point?

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try pressing ESC twice!


Noooo you're done before me, Lucy! °^°

I´ll test it when my entry is done it looks so awesome!  I wish you so much luck! :'D


Yay! I'm looking forward to play yours! >w<

Good luck to you too! :3


This is really cool but I have no idea how to progress the game. I've found the clover/boat piece - but I feel like I've interacted with everything with both and nothing's happening. :(


Look inside the house in both worlds. There is an object in the spirit world you can read about. :3

Same place I'm at, nearly broke my laptop, pressed every key


I read about the greenling, but i can't seem to figure out how to interact with it... The green item and the blue item do nothing with it, or anything else so far.


If you equip the boat shard after you read about the bug you should get a hint. :)
Just look outside, there is someone who wants favor of you.


Weird, I had tried it and it gave me the same reply as with the leaf. Once I rebooted the game it let me progress...

Maybe it's a small glitch? Anywho, back to playing this beautiful game!


Could be, yes. I'll take a look at it. :3
Hope, you'll enjoy the rest. ^w^