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Busts support would be really amazing! It's the only thing that's really missing from this great plugin. Also, for the idle animation - it would look a lot better if we could chose to have a delay between animations. (Would make blinking more realistic and less flashy)

Sadly the version here is the only one I have... I don't own a Mac myself and have no idea how it works..
A forum member made that version for me and for some it works... for others it seems it doesn't. *sigh*
I also lost contact with him... so... meh... sorry.  :(

While you hover a stone press the space key (or the middle mouse button, but Mac doesn't has those I think o_o)

Oh cool. I'll definitely take a look. :D

And sure. Go ahead. I'm honored you want it. XD

A nice day to you too :3

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I need a little more info than that. :D

First: Is it the Windows Version or the Mac Version?
If it's Mac I sadly can't help, cause I didn't make that version and sadly also have no contact anymore with the person who did it. :(

If it is Windows: Did you unpack it? Have you double clicked the Erayu.exe?
Also update all your drivers. 

Do you get any error message? And if so, which one? I found something for (I think Win10 or 8). maybe that helps.

I'm sorry to hear that. :(
That is an issue that happens very rarely and I haven't found a way to prevent or even reproduce it so far. -___-

I hope I get it fixed for the enhanced edition.

Also feel free to share your video. I'm glad you enjoy it so far. :3

Hehe, I hope, you will have some fun with it. :3

That's strange... They are all working...
Maybe just try again. The server could have had a hiccup or so.

Hit Esc and then save :3

Thanks! <3

There is something you have to drag infront of the battery. It should be noticeable when you activate it.
In future versions I'll totally include some tutorials xD

Now I have to look out for that movie. :D

Yes, it has only one ending in this version. I ran out of time, but initially I had planed a lot more (also player directed) interaction with the spirit. Someday maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

It's cool, you liked it so much! ❤

Could be, yes. I'll take a look at it. :3
Hope, you'll enjoy the rest. ^w^

If you equip the boat shard after you read about the bug you should get a hint. :)
Just look outside, there is someone who wants favor of you.

Yay, thank you! <3

I hope you'll have fun with it. ^w^

I really enjoyed the game. The humor is fantastic and I love the crazy items and dialogues. And of course the artstyle and music.

Can't wait for Peninja :D

Yay, glad you liked it! ^w^

Where exactly are you stuck. Maybe I can help you. :3

Haha! Thanks a lot! <3

I hope you will also enjoy the game itself. :D

Yay! I'm looking forward to play yours! >w<

Good luck to you too! :3

Look inside the house in both worlds. There is an object in the spirit world you can read about. :3

Mhm... weird. Maybe I haven't updated the location. *sigh* My brain is too much of a mess. T__T
The fastest way to find it, is to just run around and hold Shift. You will see the hint glow then. :3

Huh, strange. (I didn't make the Mac version, but glad to see it actually works. xD ) I'll upload it separately for future players. Thanks for the notice.

And aaaaaw, thank you. <3

Hey. Glad to hear you enjoy the game so far. :3

Here is a hint: The statue has a name. And you can find an item that has it written on it.

(there is also a walkthrough inside the game's folder. Might be faster than to wait for an answer. :3 )

Wow, that would be awesome! °O°
But at the moment I'm making a complete overhaul of the game. (And it will have a loooot of new and different text. D: )
I'm not sure it would be worth to translate the current one....
I'm also not sure how long it will take to finish the enhanced edition though. xD
So... I would recommend to wait until it's finished. °w°

But thanks anyway. I know how much work a translation is and I'm very happy you want to do that.

Naaaaw, thank you so much! <3 Words like this mean a lot to me. :3
I'm making an enhanced edition of the game at the moment. (Will take probably a year to finish though xD ). With a bit more and some refined content. So keep an eye out. :3

I really like the style so far and pretty much anything visual you made so far.
The gameplay also feels pretty solid for that early stage of development.

I'm sure you're planing some of this stuff already and I read that your animations are being redone, so maybe you're already doing the following. But I thought I could mention it anyway. :3

Every attack of an enemy should be predictable. You're doing this quite well so far, except for the little trees. But keep this in mind for every enemy and every attack you're implementing. This is probably one of the most important things about such a battle system... (but I'm not a professional xD Just my experience as a gamer)

Also the player seems to lack any kind of hit feedback. I can only tell I got hit by looking at my healthbar.

Also the AI seems to be a bit... hm... how to put it... it's not very challenging... (I don't know what kind of difficulty you're planing for the game though.) The only game I can compare this to atm is Hyper Light Drifter. And there everything was a good bit faster and you had to take care where you position yourself etc.... (As said. Depending on the kind of difficulty you're planing, this part of my feedback could be useless to you. xD )

I absolutely love everything about loot gathering and crafting so far. It feels good and it's fun to look for resources at hidden paths. <3

I also like the UI. It's informative and not cluttered. (Only the book could maybe only be shown if something new was found...)

And one hint for the speech bubbles. Unity lets words "jump" to the next row if you write text letter by letter. This looks a bit odd. But there is a very easy workaround. Instead of writing the string letter by letter, write it at once. But keep its color's alpha at 0. And then change the alpha letter by letter to 1 (or was it 255?). You will have the same writing effect. But without the word jumping. :D

So.... I had much fun with the demo. Keep up the great work! This is absolutely a game I will buy when it's released, :3

Okay... what's with the we?
It's my game and I don't inted to port it anywhere... especially not so strangers can port it somewhere else...

And NO! It wouldn't be worth it! Absolutely nothing about the game would change with the engine. There is absolutely no sense behind this! O_o

No. I see no reason for that.... would just be ton of work with no use xD

With RPG Maker XP :3

Oh, cool. I'll watch it. <3

Yeah, making games is hard. You need a lot of time and patience.. XD

I hope you'll like the rest :3

Believe me. It wouldn't. ;D

I tested a lot with the controls and I'm still enhancing them. (It's not finished yet though). But for this type of game, keyboard would be horrible. :(

Fullscreen is Alt+Enter :)

It's quite common to use premade graphics in RM Games. Those I used are edited sets made by Amaranth.
They allowed me to use them for my game, so I did. Cause I love them and they fit the tone of the game perfectly. :)

And no. I'm not the author of stargazers. They just used the same graphics.

I hope this answers your question.
Have a nice day. ^o^/)

°w° Thank you so much!
It makes me happy to hear that. <3

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No no :)
The English version was just updated more often, because I got some fixes for the translation.
But besides this they are are equal. Sorry for the confusion ⌒.⌒