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I am sad. 
I wandered around to all the places in ghost form and got really excited about a puzzle mechanic where I need to be different people to open different places. Then I talked to a skeleton named Glory and she was funny.

And then... I walked into the forest and ran into a random combat, and got the error described by Lord Kuro. I tried playing again, but it's no use. Random combats are mandatory and inescapable. So I can't go save the world with my realm crossing powers. Sad day...

After judging is over, if you want to post a new version with the animation assets not missing (or just take out the random combats?), I would love to play it. 

Aha, I found it! And now that I look back, it did stand out a bit from the background, which signals that it can be activated. Maybe make it stand out a bit more? Or make something you can interact with to get hints if you need to?

Thanks again for the lovely game!

This is beautiful. Not just the art, but the story as well. I'm a bit stumped though - may I ask for a hint? The place I'm stuck is with the generator thing: "It's too high up. I can't reach it from here"

Cute game! Was excited to see that you posted this fix (couldn't sleep in the version submitted to contest), but now I cannot leave the house because "I should go to bed." Let me know when you sort it out? I'm curious to see what happens when I entirely fix one of the houses.