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I'm so happy you liked it! I tried very hard to make it the best that it could be! Jumping into the contest late and having my team mate drop out before accomplishing his tasks were both huge hurdles. I'm sad that this lacked the polish I had originally hoped for, but its so wonderful to get positive, constructive feedback! 

I like to keep reviews short and sweet! So I'll do a pros and cons!


  • Interesting ideas for a few of the puzzles, like the lightning rods!!!
  • Good use of music to mach the tone.
  • Interesting level layout!
  • Lots of characters to choose from.


  • The missing ogg file was an unfortunate drawback
  • The intro was FAR too long. I spent half of my time reading about a bunh of characters that ended up not mattering in the end.
  • The battles felt like a chore. Deconstruct was literally the only attack I needed, and I didn't care to get a higher score because the bosses had wayyyy too much hp.
  • The characters all felt pretty uninspired, and the use of so many final fantasy names was a bit of a turn off.
  • The designs felt like too much of a mish-mash for the levels. And some of the puzzles were honestly taxing to the point I didn't care to complete them.

All in all, I think with some time, and effort, you have the skills to build a very competent larger game. But some skill sharpening is definitely needed. A lot more world building should be exercised, and the use of a more readable font would do wonders!

thank you for the compliments and criticism! 

Being my first game definitely showed me the struggle of keeping things cohesive. And it also showed me that I don't work well under pressure. 

I worried a lot about the dialogue and the defiant choice is definitely part of what I worried about, so I absolutely agree with your criticism and hope to fix it to for an updated version when this is all over. 

Unfortunately for the puzzles, they were over simplified due to time constraints. I was terrified that the judges would run out of time. So in the final version I hope to make them something a bit more exciting! Thank you for the review! 

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Hello everyone! I've had a couple people say they had trouble getting the files extracted. 

I suggest downloading winRAR. It's a free program for unzipping files and for extracting RAR folders for use.

You can get winrar with a simple google search, it will ask you to choose which language, then it'll give you the option to buy, or use the free version. Do neither, and click the little tiny option that says Continue to download WinRAR.

So as I played the game I noticed it might be messed up. All of the children are following me, but they are also running around in the forest at the same time. At the part where I lose them, they all become invisible and the game crashed when I saved the invisible child by the cliffside.

I finally finished it, what a gorgeous game, it is reminiscent of a movie I loved as a child called Once Upon a Forest, and the characters are adorable. 

The artistic direction is absolutely wonderful. I was unsure if there was only one ending, but I loved that it was open ended in case this becomes something larger. Fantastic job!

(also, I loved the stinging bug, the world needs stuffed animals of him haha)

Weird, I had tried it and it gave me the same reply as with the leaf. Once I rebooted the game it let me progress...

Maybe it's a small glitch? Anywho, back to playing this beautiful game!

Lol, i should forfeit now, this game is absolutely amazing, the art, the music, the attention to dialect. *swoon* 

You guys/gals are amazing

I'm super sad to hear that it's unplayable, this is definitely going onto my "HAVE TO PLAY WHEN IT'S READY" list, because the art is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

I loved how smoooooottthhhh it went ;)

And by that OF COURSE i meant the fluid... ity of the animations and the shiny roundness of the graphics...

But seriously, the innuendo in this game is hilarious, and I hope to play the main project soon. You guys did awesome and the whole thing fit together perfectly. The music is grade A+ fantastic btw!!!

I read about the greenling, but i can't seem to figure out how to interact with it... The green item and the blue item do nothing with it, or anything else so far.

You're very welcome! 

I do have a question though, how do i progress past the cave with the dripping sounds? It doesn't seem to let me exit from either side.

haha trust me, I'm terrible at that puzzle myself. Rpg maker is a huge pain to make things like that on, and I really want to fine tune it in the future! 

I'm glad you're gonna check out the alternate ending!

Thank you so much! It was surreal watching someone play my game. I was smiling from beginning to end and your commentary during the bird's trial had me dying. 

Also want to make sure your criticisms are put into place for a more fully fleshed version. 

Thank you again, that really made my day.  One last thing, if you hit continue, you have a chance to choose the alternate ending ;)

I love the character models! 

good God this is gorgeous

Thank you! It's not as polished as i'd like because of the time constraints, and this is my first game. But i think people will really enjoy it!

Hoping to have the game up by the end of tomorrow! Crunch time! 

Good luck everyone!!!