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Thank you so much, this was awesome to read : )

You're welcome, and thank you for playing!

Honoured to be featured, thanks so much Jack!

Hey Alice! Thanks so much for playing, and sorry it took me 2 years to reply. It was awesome watching your LP, especially your reactions to all the characters and your defence of the soup. Also good job getting through the puzzles when you were so tired : )

FYI: It's not oil from the ship everywhere, it's bushes! But they do look more like oil. But they're moon bushes, so I think that's acceptable.

Thanks again!

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That's for notifying me, sorry for the slow reply! Looks like they got taken down :)

Sorry to hear that! Most likely the file didn't download properly? Try downloading again and see if that helps. Thanks :)

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edit: figured it out! Turned out my code was right except I wasn't wrapping the room name in quote marks. Thanks again.

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How would I load a specific room from a pack of rooms? Or are multiple room packs only suitable for random selection?

Also thanks so much for making this extension, it's brilliant : )

This was a head scratcher. Looks like a GML file isn't created for a completely blank script, just the YY. Adding a single character to the script and saving the project created the GML file too.

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Thanks for the advice! It's good to know this allows so much flexibility. I picked up the extension and am setting it up, I thought I'd try to pack rooms to a script. The .exe is looking for a .gml file but my script is .yy, am I doing something wrong?

Also, is there a reason one would choose a script over JSON or vice versa?

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Hey there! Firstly this asset looks awesome : ) I have a few questions regarding how it works so I know if it would be suited to my current project, which I'd love to include some procedural elements and is at an early enough stage that I can make some changes if needed.

When I'm designing chunks, do they all need to be the same size or can they be any size/shape I want? If the latter, when an area is created from chunks, is there a check to make sure there's enough space to place each chunk or do I need to do that manually?

Can I specify how many chunks to make an area out of? To control area size?

Can I ensure a room uses a specific chunk (this would be a special area), and then prevent that chunk from being used anywhere else in the game?

Are the instances placed in a chunk room also generated along with the chunk? If not how do I deal with placing instances without using the room editor?

Can the player return to a chunk-generated area later and it will still be the same?

Many thanks!

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Follow Henry (and me) on Twitter:

I've been working on this for a few weeks now between music commissions, and it's going well enough that I'm ready to show off some very early progress. The art above is my work, but I've used some cc0 assets as placeholders for the dungeon background tiles in these gifs for now so I can focus more on the development side of things. I've hit roadblocks on a few projects in the past after falling into the trap of jumping straight into making assets without getting things working first, so I'm trying to do things more 'sensibly' this time.

So far I've been working on:

(final game will feature even more adventure)

(field of play is wider in-game)

(placeholder dialogue... or is it??)

It's early days but any feedback is appreciated. More soon, thanks for looking!

No problem! :)

It means they can download a game without buying it, unless I'm misunderstanding.

Thank you very much!! That's a huge compliment haha, I appreciate it a lot : ) If it's just for a programming class and not for public release then by all means go ahead. Let me know how you get on!

Thank you! :)

Thank you Rinober! That's awesome to hear :)

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That's awesome to hear, thank you oops! Great username by the way haha :)

That would be awesome! Please post a link if you do :)

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Thank you Eggion! Yep, this one's just me. It was a tough month haha, but I'm pleased with the results : )

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you very much! The hope for a future version is that some plot points will be more resolved, while others will feel more intentionally open-ended :) Thanks again!

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It's that thing! You know, the thing!! :)

Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'll definitely be expanding and polishing the game, you can follow my progress on Twitter @RideTheMammoth if you like! 

Thanks a bunch! :D

Thank you! Let me know what you think of the later part of the game if you get further!

Awesome! Good luck with the rest! :D

Thank you! Hope you enjoy it!

hex on the beach

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Hey Itch! I'm making a game between music commissions. It's intentionally pretty simple engine-wise, since I'm bad and slow at gamedev and I've stalled on a couple of more ambitious projects. This should hopefully mean I can do more game making and less running into coding walls, while learning things along the way so I can tackle more complex games in the future.

Looking around:

I started work on this using Game Maker Studio 1.4 about 3-4 weeks ago, I've been posting regular updates on twitter (@RideTheMammoth, #adventuror), and now that the game's starting to take form I thought I'd make a devlog where I can show things in more detail. A lot of the engine is already in place, such as interacting with things in the scene, dialogue/sprite control, dialogue choice options and visual location transitions.I still need to implement an inventory system for item puzzles and get the map screen functional, but once those are done I should be able to work towards a playable demo. Later on I might add some little action mini-games to vary the gameplay up.

Location transitions:

Conversation and a look at the full UI (mobile version, better for GIFs)

Blooper reel:

I like GIFs by the way. Any feedback is much appreciated, and remember you can follow the game on Twitter if that's your thing. Thanks for looking!

Thank you very much!

This week's progress:

I've started work on a fun little solo project between soundtrack commissions, and I thought I'd make a devlog straight away rather than agonising over when I have enough to show. Here's a teaser:

Feature list:
- try to fly
- grow up
- puzzles!
- make all the choices
- spit stuff at stuff
- defend birbtown
- maybe rhythm action sections if I can figure out how to code them
- minigames
- weird soundtrack

You can follow my progress here and on Twitter. Thanks for looking!